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Advanced Search Help

How to Search

  • Type one or more search terms into one or more keyword boxes. Search is not case sensitive.
  • Each keyword box reflects a different relationship between the search terms.
  • Do not type in Boolean terms (such as “and”, “or”, “not”, or quotation marks around a phrase).
  • Search in all fields (default) or select the fields you would like to search:
    • All fields
    • Scope and Content
    • Biographical and Historical Note
    • Subject, Names, Form of Material
    • Title of Collection
    • Author/Creator
    • Abstract
  • Press the Enter key or click on the Search button.
  • A search results screen will display the results of your search. This screen lists the title, repository name, and summary information for the finding aid.

Search for finding aids that have

All these words:

constitutional convention This query will retrieve documents that contain the word constitutional AND the word convention.

This exact phrase:

military history This query will search for multiple words as one phrase. The example will retrieve all documents containing the phrase “military history”.

Any of these words:

sheep wool This query will retrieve documents that contain the word sheep OR the word wool.

But don't show finding aids that have

If you are using this search box you must use at least one search box from the “Search for finding aids that have” category.

All these words:

roger williams

But don't show finding aids that have:

This query will retrieve documents that contain the word williams but NOT the word park.

Additional search tools


This tool may be used with the keyword search boxes. Use to limit your search to one or more specific institutions. You do not have to change anything to search the finding aids for all RIAMCO institutions. To limit your search to one institution, find the institution's name and highlight it. To select more than one institution, highlight the first name, then hold down your keyboard Control key while you highlight the other institutions that you want.


These tools can be used to explor the range of collections or to conduct research on specific subjects.