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Department of Administration Division of Accounts and Control State Highway Program fiscal records

Historical note

The Department of Administration was created in 1951 to consolidate central finance, purchasing and management functions of state government. Title 42, Chapter 11 of the Rhode Island General Laws establishes and provides for the organization and functions of the Department.

The Department of Administration provides supportive services to all Rhode Island departments and agencies for effective coordination and direction of state programs, within the framework of a changing administrative and fiscal environment. The Department also provides policy direction for executive leadership in a variety of financial and administrative matters and is responsible for the statewide implementation of policy decisions affecting the organization and delivery of state run and state supported services. The Department is headed by the Director of Administration and has thirteen distinct programmatic functions. These include Central Management; Accounts and Control; Budgeting; Auditing; Human Resources; Capital Projects; Facilities Management; Purchasing; Central Mail Services; Planning; General Appropriations; the Personnel Appeal Board; and Internal Services.