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Department of State Division of Corporations trademarks


Series 1. Trademarks
Box 1, Folder 1-25

Container Description Date
Box 1, Folder 1 Trademarks - A
Contents Note: Acropolis Jewelry Co., (jewelry), 1966, RI

Adam Archie, Buy American Made Goods, 1933, RI

Adams Chemical, PheNoLene Cleaner, 1966, RI

Adler Business Machines, "ABM of Rhode Island", 1966, RI

Allen Mfg. Co., "BIG COLA", 1939, TN

American Bottling Co., St. Remo Brand Ale, 1933, RI

Applied Chemicals Corp, "77° Degrees" (ice melt), 1970, NJ

Archambault Alphonse, "Holy Year 1950", 1950, RI

Arnold Virginia K., "Cottage Crafts", 1971, RI

Automatic Music Assn., music association, 1939, MA

Box 1, Folder 2 Trademarks - B
Contents Note: Baird North Co., Optical Center, 1937, RI

Bay State Auto Spring Mfg., "Springs Reset etc.", 1970, MA

Beefy King International, "BEEFY KING Roast Beef", 1968, FL

Bisceglia Brothers Wine Co., "Etna" and "Vino Moro", 1965, CA

Bisceglia Jos. A., "South Pacific" (fruit juice), 1960, CA

Bisceglia Jos. A., "South Pacific" (syrups), 1960, CA

Bolner's Fiesta Products, Chili Powder, 1971, TX

Bowers James E., "New England Family ..", 1969, RI

Bowmann Assoc. Inc., Rhode Island Sport and Travel Show, 1969, RI

Bowmann Associates, "Rhode Island Ski Show", 1969, RI

Bray Lewis E., "Flying Fingers" (music instruction), 1937, MA

Brendale Company, "Brendale" (jewelry), 1955, RI

Bristol Manufacturing, Warmeze (cold weather footware), 1943, RI

Brook Farm Foods Inc., (Food Items), 1957, NH

Box 1, Folder 3 Trademarks - C
Contents Note: California Florida Co., “Green Spot” citrus drink, 1936, CA

Central Falls Bottling Co., (soft drinks), 1908, RI

Chain Candy Stores, "Lord's", 1940, RI

Charles Fradin Inc., Huntley's (alcohol/spirits), 1970, MD

Cherry and Web Co., Divided Payment Plan, 1938, RI

City Coal Co. Inc., Range Coal, 1939, RI

Colabar Candy Co., Bar-O-Cola, 1961, PA

Colabar Candy Co., COLARBAR, 1966, PA

Cole James H., Country Club (cigar label), 1927, RI

Cox David F., "Rx Facial Tissues", 1959, MA

Crowell Robert G., "The Telephone Way", 1952, NH

Curran and Burton, New River Domestic Coal, 1940, RI

Box 1, Folder 4 Trademarks - D
Contents Note: Dairy Delight of Central Falls, Drink-A-Banana, 1952, RI

Dan-Tex Paint and Coating , "DAN-TEX Flex Kote", 1971, RI

DelSesto Bakery, "JDS" label, 1940, RI

DeSimone and Cammarata, "Miss Rhode Island", 1965, MA

DiMaria Robert, Decker Tools by B.D., 1969, RI

Dobson Grace W., "WHATABURGER", 1970, TX

Duro-Crete Co., Granite-Crete, 1955, RI

Box 1, Folder 5 Trademarks - E
Contents Note: Elkins Inc., Bulova Footwear, 1941, MA

Empire Bottling Co., Liquor Dealer, 1911, RI

Esbeco Distilling, Four Aces (whiskey), 1935, CT

Box 1, Folder 7 Trademarks - G
Contents Note: Gerald Metals Co., Jer-Mel, 1962, RI

Box 1, Folder 6 Trademarks - F
Contents Note: Ficocelli Louis, “ICLOO” and “Dairy-Bar”, 1972, RI

Fil-Rite Co., "Fil-Rite" (grease container), 1946, MN

Finley Company, E-Z Wipers Cotton Cloth, 1954, MA

Foster Co. J.A., "DORRANCE" (jewelry), 1937, RI

Frazier Van, "Frazier Payloader" (gasoline transport), 1956, FL

Frederick's of Hollywood, ladies apparel, 1966, CA

French and Italian Tobacco Co., "Quesnel", 1912, RI

Friendly Tip Co., "FRENTICO STA-SWEET", 1947, IL

Frosty Kreme Co., "Frosty Kreme", 1949, TX

Box 1, Folder 7 Trademarks - G
Contents Note: Gerald Metals Co., Jer-Mel, 1962, RI

geri inc., Gold and Gold Filled Jewelry, 1970, RI

Giant Super Market, "The Giant", 1936, RI

Gildame Laboratories, Baby Lax, 1944, RI

Giuliano Joseph, APPROVAL (Property Assn), 1970, RI

Glancy and Son Hugh F., "REAL ESTATE", 1946, RI

Greenhalgh Co. M.W., "Chop Suey Candy", 1908, RI

Guccione Salvatore A., "Fairway Bleach", 1953, RI

Box 1, Folder 8 Trademarks - H
Contents Note: Haber Dr. Leonard, “Ace High” (malt beverage), 1965, NY

Haber Dr. Leonard, "Always the Winner (malt beverage)", 1965 ,NY

Haber Dr. Leonard, "Bonus" (malt beverage), 1965, NY

Haber Dr. Leonard, "Poker" (malt beverage), 1965, NY

Haber Dr. Leonard, "Top Bet" (malt beverage), 1965, NY

Haber Dr. Leonard, "Winning" (malt beverage), 1965, NY

Harmony Chocolate Products, "SOQUIK", 1931, RI

Hartol Products Corp., "Silencer" (oil products), 1939, NY

Hayes John James, "Eagle Family Pastry", 1920, RI

Hollywood Rogue Sportswear, "Rogue", 1946, CA

Hood and Sons H.P., "Dairyland", 1935, MA

HOT-BEATS, (musical group), 1965, RI

Howard Albert M., "Modelaol"(petroleum products), 1929, RI

Box 1, Folder 9 Trademarks - I
Contents Note: Independent Milk Dealers, “Independent Milk Dealers”, 1950, RI

Independent Milk Dealers, "Member", 1950, RI

Industrial Brownhoist, (construction equipment), 1935, MI

Box 1, Folder 10 Trademarks - J
Contents Note: Johnson Alford L., “The Old Depot” (store), 1971, RI

Johnson Soap Co. B.J., "PALMOLIVE", 1917, WI

Box 1, Folder 11 Trademarks - K
Contents Note: Kasden Stephen D., “Test Aid” (for hearing aids), 1971, RI

Kaufman and Chernick Inc., "Brunswick Battery Co.", 1935, RI

Kaufman and Chernick Inc., "Legion." (vehicle polish), 1935, RI

Kaufman and Chernick Inc., "Yankee Motor Oil", 1935, RI

Keating Philip F., "HEAT MISER", 1958, RI

Keynon Cornmeal Company, "Kenyon's Famous Johnny Cake", 1955, RI

Krueger Alfred G., "Sestanin" (tannin stain removal), 1952, RI

Box 1, Folder 12 Trademarks - L
Contents Note: Laborite Publishing Co., “The Laborite” (newspaper), 1923, RI

Lait Hubert P., "Wimpy Hamburger Sandwiches", 1935, RI

Lakeview Ice Company, (ICE-wagons/vehicles), 1923, RI

Lanning Frank C., "Little Rhody" (eggs), 1934, RI

Leggatt Arthur Frederick, The 5 and 10 cent drug store, 1925, RI

Levin Louis, "Coldogs" (frankfurter shaped ice cream), 1931, RI

Lewis David B., "Low Rate Taxi", 1930, RI

Liberty Bleaching Water Co., Liberty Bleaching Water, 1935, RI

Little Women of California, Garments for ages 1-16, 1948, CA

Box 1, Folder 13 Trademarks - M
Contents Note: Marra Philip, O’Henrietta Hairdressing, 1926, RI

Maynard Inc. Ed, White Mountain winter togs, 1934, NH

McDonald Corporation, (canned fruits), 1949, FL

Mexician-American Habanero Corp, "Habanero" (liquor), 1934, NY

Meyer Canning Company, Vita Valley Grapefruit Juice, 1940, TX

Milbern Chemical Corp., "MILTAKAIN A-D OINTMENT", 1948, IL

Milburn Company, "Fog-Free" (for eyewear), 1949, MI

Milburn Company, "Polyglov" (plastic gloves), 1949, MI

Box 1, Folder 14 Trademarks - N
Contents Note: Nardolillo Louisa, “Crystal” soft drinks, 1921, RI

Nash and Kinsella Lab Inc., "Contact" (insecticide), 1945, MI

Natale Antonio, Natale Creamery Co., 1924, RI

National Carbonating Syrup Company, "TRI-PURE" (water), 1916, DE

National Progressives of America, (insignia), 1938, WI

Nerek Edward, "Flavor-Rite Foods Inc.", 1972, RI

Normandin Imelda, "Gaine-Oil" (scalp treatment), 1938, RI

Box 1, Folder 15 Trademarks - O
Contents Note: O’Connor Walter V., “O’Connor the Florist”, 1925, RI

Oceans Inc., Rhode Island Eagles Hockey Club, 1972, RI

Odell's Archer Pneumatic (heels for shoes), 1912, Canada

Organization of Amazing Men, OAM (insignia), 1971, RI

Box 1, Folder 16 Trademarks - P
Contents Note: Palazzo William B., “DATA POWER” (data processing services), 1969, RI

Pappas Company Inc., "YOUR" (food ingredients), 1948, MA

Paterra and Co., J. J., (fire and casualty insurance), no date, RI

Peerless Supply Company, "THERM-A-LUM" (building materials), 1964, RI

Personal Formula Company, "BOOSTER"(medicinal products), 1953, NY

Picco Cesare, "Leg-Bre-Jo" (fried chicken), 1967, RI

Picco Cesare, "Loin-Beef-Juicy" (roast beef sandwiches), 1967, RI

Pocasset Products Co., "SYN-SHAW" (plastic products), 1971, RI

Poulin David, "Nite Life"(patron club magazine), 1950, RI

Box 1, Folder 17 Trademarks - Q
Contents Note: Qualified Products Co., “Savory” (food ingredients), 1947, IL

Queen's Frozen Food Products Co., "Queen's Dinner", 1946, RI

Box 1, Folder 18 Trademarks - R
Contents Note: R.I.S.E. Inc., “Pot-O-Gold” (stationary), 1972, RI

R.I.S.E. Inc., "Rhode Island Sports Enterprises", 1971, RI

R.I.S.E. Inc., "Sports andamp; Play", 1971, RI

RAJAC Inc., "DURA GEMS", 1965, FL

Rajah Jewelry Co., Rajah, 1967, RI

Rattey Gerard S., "Rattey's Meat Pie", 1963, RI

Records and Goldsborough Inc., "GOLD MEDAL" (alcoholic beverages), 1945, MD

Red Capsule Chemical Co., "Red Capsules" - "Capsules Rouge", 1915, RI

Rhode Island Brewing Co., "ALE" (malt beverage), 1934, RI

Rhode Island Brewing Company, (Ale/Beer), 1933, RI

Box 1, Folder 19 Trademarks - R
Contents Note: Rhode Island Brush Co., “RIBCO”, 1955, RI

Rhode Island Phoneminder Corp., "Phoneminder" (telephone wiring unit), 1964, RI

Rhody-O-Enterprises, "cave-man" (pizza parlor), 1968, RI

Rockford I.C. Webb Inc., "Swedish Wool"(anti-noise air protector material), 1972, IL

Rolyn Inc., "Toby Anne" (jewelry), 1970, RI

Roman Edward, "Mister Sir Loin", 1966, MA

Romano Vineyards Inc., "Santa Rosa" (port wine), 1937, RI

Rotondo Paul A., "PRECISION-AIRE", 1961, RI

Roy Richard, "Vity-loaf", 1934, RI

Box 1, Folder 20 Trademarks - S
Contents Note: Samarca Incorporation, Caffé Amarca (Italian coffee shop), 1968, RI

Sanitary Food Processing Company, "PRE-PARED", 1938, WA

Saunier Pierre Paul, "PEP"(carbonated beverage), 1915, RI

Saunier Pierre Paul, "PEPCO"(carbonated beverage), 1915, RI

Scott Furriers Inc., "Partners in Fashion", 1937, RI

Scully Signal Company, "FILGARD" (automotive accessory), 1948, MA

Shiner Products Inc., "Shiner Cloths" (cleaning cloths), 1923, RI

Slade Gorton Co, ICYBAY (frozen Fish), 1957, IL

Slocum Walter, "T.V. Service", 1952, RI

Smith Gordon, "The Brunonians", 1924, RI

Smithfield Chemical Company, "Vyn-O-Tex" (vinyl latex paint), 1958, RI

Box 1, Folder 21 Trademarks - S
Contents Note: Smoke Watchers International Inc., “Smoke Watchers”(smoking control), 1969, NY

Sneierson Samuel L., "TRIANGLE" (heel protectors), 1911, MA

Sneierson Samuel L., "YOKE" (button fasteners), 1911, MA

Sparkling Life Incorporated, "Sparkling Life" (non alcoholic beverage), 1953, CA

Steere C. Walter, "Waterman Lake Marina", 1966, RI

Stoehr Mary W.B., "Ward 8"(beverages), 1936, MA

Box 1, Folder 22 Trademarks - T
Contents Note: Tobey Farm Dairy, (dairy andamp; milk business), 1923, RI

To-Nac Company, (medicinal/herbal preparation), 1931, RI

Treadeasy Shoe Store, "Stylemaid Footwear", 1934, RI

TU-KAY Company, (jewelry novelties), 1954, RI

Tullo Michael, Mount Pleasant Dairy, 1946, RI

Box 1, Folder 23 Trademarks - U
Contents Note: Union Braid and Shoelace Company, “The Better Tip” (shoelaces), 1919, RI

United Distillers, (blended whiskey), 1935, RI

United Distillers, "Connecticut Yankee" (alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages), 1936, RI

United Public Markets Inc., "BONNIE" (canned/bottled foods), 1939, RI

Box 1, Folder 24 Trademarks - W
Contents Note: W.M.Z. Productions, “EVANGEL” sacred recordings, 1971, RI

Walters Raymond P., "MYOWNE" frozen lemonade., 1966, RI

Warwick Brewing Company, "Warwick Old Sparkling Ale", 1934, RI

Westcott U. Emerson, Kalua Troupe Hawaiians, 1927, RI

Box 1, Folder 25 Trademarks - Y
Contents Note: Ye Little Sandwich Shop, (sandwich shop), 1924, RI

Ye Towne Coffee Shop, (coffee shop/tea room), 1926, RI