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Department of Environmental Management Division of Compliance and Inspection records


Series 1. Annual Reports
Box 1-2

Container Description Date
Box 1-2 Annual Reports
Contents Note: Includes Annual Reports for the Commission of Dams and Reservoirs (1912-1934), Department of Public Works (1935-1959), State Harbor Improvement Commission (1912-1918) and the Harbor Commission (1927-1934).


Series 2. Journals of Commissioner L.M.E. Stone
Box 2

Container Description Date
Box 2 Journals of Commissioner L.M.E. Stone
Contents Note: Includes an inventory of all ponds and associated rivers in all counties (Providence, Bristol Kent, Washington and Newport) 1882-1913. Also includes notes of the commissioner, data of acres flowed (water) and when reported.


Series 3. Drawings and Graphs
Box 10

Container Description Date
Box 10 Drawings and Graphs
Contents Note: Includes twelve Freshet (minor flooding or overflowing of a stream caused by heavy rains or snowmelt) Rating Charts for the Moshassock River, Woonasquatucket River, Branch River, Blackstone River, Abbott Run, Pawtuxet River, Pawcatuck River and the 10 Mile River.


Series 4. Photographs
Box 3

Container Description Date
Box 3 Photographs
Contents Note: Includes black-and-white, 3 ¼ x 5 ½ image size photographs of dams and ponds at mills sites in the northern (Branch Area) and southern (Pawcatuck including Connecticut) parts of Rhode Island.


Series 5. Field Notes
Box Oversize

Container Description Date
Box Oversize Field Notes
Contents Note: Includes Original Field Notes, WPA Survey, R.I. Dams, 1938-1939 which contains dam number, name and town/city of dam, stream and position, owner (resident and telephone number), type of dam, construction dimensions, spillway and condition of waste gates, and condition and remarks.


Series 6. Indices
Box 6-9

Container Description Date
Box 6-9 Indices
Contents Note: Includes Location File by municipality which contains the name of dam, river basin designation, dam number, city or town, stream, owner. Arranged alphabetically by municipality and numerically by dam number therein. Also includes Owner Name File/ Stream Codes - by basin, 1936 which is arranged alpha by municipal name, no arrangement therein. Includes name of town, dam, location, owner, telephone number, condition of dam, river location, construction, size and remarks. Pond Name File which is arranged alphabetically by pond name. Includes river basin designation, dam number, city or town, stream name, owner of pond. Numerical File Index which is arranged numerically by dam number. Includes name of dam, river basin designation, city or town, stream, owner, telephone number, sq. mi of drainage area, extreme freshet, years of inspection and condition at time of inspection. Also summarizes references in annual commission of dam reports (i.e. 1928-27 = 1928 report, page 27), plan numbers and comments. [see key to symbols in front of card file].

Series 7. Gaging Stations Data
Box 4-5

Container Description Date
Box 4-5 Gaging Stations Data
Contents Note: This series contains information re: Stream Gaging Stations. Folders originally labeled 1-21. Also includes discharge of water in cubic feet per second per day per month for water years from 1964-1969, October to September each folder. Series also includes three folders of general gaging station information (Box 5, folders 5-7).


Series 8. Report Files
Box 5

Container Description Date
Box 5 Report Files
Contents Note: This series contains clippings, photos, reports from O. Perry Sarle Civil Engineer, dam surveys, and blueprints for the Blackstone River, Branch River, Moshassuck River, Pawcatuck Area, Pawcatuck River, Pawcatuck Valley Area and Dams - General Information - Area of Ponds.


Series 9. United States Geological Survey Data and Maps
Box 5

Container Description Date
Box 5 United States Geological Survey Data and Maps
Contents Note: This series includes R.I. Water Resources Coordinating Board - Groundwater map of the Voluntown Quadrangle, Connecticut-Rhode Island, showing water-bearing formations and related ground-water data. 1960 (published by R.I. Water Resources Coordinating Board in cooperation with U.S. Geological Survey and State of Connecticut). U.S. Geological Survey Maps, 1971 (GP768 and 771 4 copies of each). Also includes contracts and purchase orders, 1964, U.S. Department of the Interior, Geological Survey, Water Resources Division, 1964 and the U.S. Geological Survey/Water Resources Division, New England District - Summary of Activities 1977.