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Newport Historical Society's Old Stone Mill collection


Series 1. Correspondence

Container Description Date
Box 7, Folder 1 Correspondence
Contents Note: Correspondence regarding a spurious newspaper article, which claimed that the Royal Society of Antiquities in Copenhagen had sponsored an archaeological excavation at the Old Stone Mill and discovered irrefutable proof of its Norse origins. As per Melville's letter, "The report is false and groundless in every particular." Signage from Old Stone Mill exhibition. Originals and transcriptions.

Box 7, Folder 2 Correspondence
Contents Note: Correspondence regarding the excavation of the Old Stone Mill site and the establishment of Touro Park, with a dedicated lot for the Stone Mill. Includes list of contributors who covered the balance remaining after Mr. Touro's bequest of $10,000 to purchase the Stone Mill lot for the Public Park as well as the letter to his executors. Later correspondence between Philip Ainsworth Means and the Rhode Island and Newport Historical Societies regarding book in process and opinions on planned excavation.

Box 7, Folder 3 Correspondence
Contents Note: Correspondence regarding the history of the Old Stone Mill, Easton's beach, and the Mumford Plan of Newport (1711). Reference to correspondence between the "Antiquarian" and his opponent, "One of the Oldest Inhabitants of Newport". Letter from Philip Ainsworth Means to the people of Newport appealing to them to stop the widening of Mill Street to preserve the Mill and proposing an alternative traffic route. Planned exhibition at the NHS timed in accordance with the publication of Means' book The Newport Tower.

Box 7, Folder 4 Correspondence
Contents Note: Western Union telegram regarding John Mumford maps. Correspondence between Herbert O. Brigham and various individuals.

Box 7, Folder 5 Correspondence
Contents Note: Correspondence between Herbert O. Brigham and various individuals regarding mill inspection and theories of origin. Letter to the editor of the New York Times.

Box 7, Folder 6 Correspondence
Contents Note: Correspondence regarding Barbados theory, 1948 excavation of the site.

Box 7, Folder 7 Correspondence
Contents Note: Correspondence regarding excavation and uncovered artifacts. Includes various articles, scholarly and otherwise, and press debating/making assertions about the mill.

Box 7, Folder 8 Correspondence
Contents Note: Correspondence regarding articles and publications. Further enumeration of theories, including those suggested by psychic mediums.

Box 7, Folder 9 Correspondence
Contents Note: More correspondence regarding possible theories of origin, new information discovered by Gladys Bolhouse. Includes runes, cryptography, paintings, and infrared photographs suggesting previously adjoining structures.

Box 7B, Folder 32 Accounts
Contents Note: Photocopies and typescripts of articles about the excavation of the Mill. Statements of accounts. Memorandums. Correspondence regarding research. Contains separate folder labeled "Iron Bracelet Found at Idlewild."

Box 7B, Folder 33 Miscellaneous
Contents Note: Contains typewritten account entitled "Comments made by Lloyd Robson in Newport Tower," list of clippings pertaining to Old Stone Mill, and comments on Sister Ann Nelson lecture, all by Joseph W. Blaine.

Box 7B, Folder 34 Touro Park
Contents Note: Letterhead from Robert H. Green, Old Colony Trust company regarding the estate of Philip B. Downing. Agreement. Correspondence from Collins and Collins regarding said estate. Photostat of proposed plans for marker in Touro park commemorating contributors to park's purchase, as per Downing's bequest. Typewritten history of the purchase of Touro Park.

Box 7B, Folder 36 Correspondence
Contents Note: Correspondence between Joseph W. Blaine and others. Typescripts of published works. Photocopies of published articles.

Box 7B, Folder 37 Joe Blaine, Edward Limmer article
Contents Note: Correspondence between Joseph W. Blaine and others. Postcards. Photographs. Photocopies of published works, including articles. Manuscripts of published, scholarly works.

Box 7C Correspondence regarding Menzie's 1421
Contents Note: Menzie's 1421 includes chapter entitled "The Newport Tower and Dighton Rock" pp. 281-294. Wright observes, "Arguments have been made that one or the other of them [Dighton Rock and the Newport Tower] provides conclusive evidence of the early presence here of the lost tribes of Israel, the Phoenecians, escaping Trojans, the lost Roman legions, early Irish exploration (especially St. Brendon), crusaders of the 12th and 13th centuries either lost or with nothing better to do on their way back from the Middle East, Norse explorers of various centuries, and so on down to the Portuguese explorer Miguel Cortereal, who left Portugal in 1501 and was never heard from again. And now the Chinese?" (para. 3).

Box 7C, Folder 46 Correspondence
Contents Note: Correspondence involving Jorgen Siemonsen, Millar, Ron Potvin and others.


Series 2. Publications

Container Description Date
Box 7, Folder 10 Reports: Waldo Leland; William Godfrey; Arlington Mallery
Contents Note: Contains a copy of "The Old Mill at Newport" with a note that it was reprinted by permission from The Century, March, 1879. Reports of findings during excavations. Clipping from "The Pageant of the Vikings" by "MHE", including duplicates. Special Interim report from 1955 by Mallery, Easton and Howieson.

Box 7, Folder 11 Architectural drawings
Contents Note: Contains excerpt from RI History, Vol. 7, No. 1 from January 1948. Article by Conant entitled "Newport Tower or Mill." From RI History Vol. 7, No. 4, October, 1948. Article by Herbert Pell entitled "The Old Stone Mill, Newport." Pamphlet regarding Chesterton Windmill by the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, including an appeal for 3,500 pounds. Architectural drawings (one from Reminiscences of Newport). Contains photostats.

Box 7, Folder 12 Booklets
Contents Note: Contains article from American Anthropologist by Mallery. Journal of the Surveying and Mapping Division: Proceedings of the American Society of Civil Engineers. "The Builder of the Newport (Rhode Island) Tower." The Old Stone Mill by Herbert O. Brigham. "Newport Tower II." Reprinted from Archaeology, Volume 3, No.2. "Benedict Arnold: First Governor of Rhode Island: A Paper Read Before the Newport Historical Society". "The Life and Times of Benedict Arnold: A Paper. First Governor of Rhode Island Under the Charter."

Box 7, Folder 13 Booklets
Contents Note: Copy of Summer 1950 issue of Archaeology containing Godfrey's article "Newport Tower II." Bound reprint of "Plaster Under the Newport Tower" by Pohl and "Answer to Plaster Under the Tower" by Godfrey from American Antiquity. "The Newport Tower: Norse or English" from The American-Scandinavian Review, Volume XXXVII.

Box 7, Folder 14 Booklets
Contents Note: Contains note regarding articles about the Old Stone Mill. "Lyra Llediaith and Lyra", "The Newport Tower", and 'Vinland--Gwynedd-land" by Kathleen O'Loughlin. Bulletin of the Newport Historical Society, Number 137, Winter 1970. Vol. 43, Part I. Photocopies of "The Newport Puzzle" by W.S. Godfrey. Archaeological Newsletter; Quarterly Bulletin - Archaeological Society of Virginia. Vol. 18. No.2., etc.

Box 7, Folder 19 Poetry
Box 7, Folder 20 Miscellaneous
Contents Note: Pamphlets, photocopies of articles, preliminary report by Arlington H Mallery, diagrams, handwritten note regarding extract of map of the city prepared by Rev. Henry Jackson in 1854. Torn leaves from the Magazine of American History, 1879. Handwritten note from Joseph W. Blaine: "oldest known picture of the old stone mill is on the rev dr Ezra stiles map of Newport, 1758."

Box 7A, Folder 21 Miscellaneous
Contents Note: Research and publications about the Old Stone Mill. Includes both published and unpublished materials. Also includes typescript with extracts from Rev. Henry Jackson's map (1856-7) and Christian Bannister's will (1767).

Box 7A, Folder 24 Miscellaneous
Contents Note: Miscellaneous handwritten notes, timelines, and typescripts of articles and reviews.

Box 7A, Folder 25 Miscellaneous notes - Old Stone Mill
Contents Note: Typed note cards, photocopies of handwritten notes with diagrams, handwritten notes and timelines.

Box 7A, Folder 26 Miscellaneous research - handwritten
Contents Note: Handwritten notes, notecards, typed and handwritten research notes, copies of correspondence.

1968, undated
Box 7A, Folder 27 Clippings
Contents Note: Newspaper and magazine clippings, notecards. Typescripts.

Box 7A, Folder 28A Clippings, P.A. Means, Book Reviews, Portuguese theories
Contents Note: Newspaper clippings and reviews regarding the Philip Ainsworth Means book, lecture, and planned excavations.

Box 7A, Folder 28B Clippings, Arlington Mallery digs
Contents Note: Newspaper clippings reporting on the excavation of the Mill performed by Arlington Mallery and his findings. Includes photocopies.

Box 7A, Folder 28 Clippings, Godfrey excavation
Contents Note: Newspaper clippings reporting on the excavation of the Mill performed by William S. Godfrey and his findings.

Box 7B, Folder 35 1979 paper
Contents Note: Includes March 1954 issue of Yankee Magazine. Correspondence, esp. between Blaine and others, including the Warwickshire County Architect. Book reviews. Typescripts of excerpts of published works. Photocopies of newspaper articles. Research notes, maps, and diagrams.

Box 7B, Folder 38 Articles and related materials
Contents Note: Photocopies of newspaper articles, "While You Were Out" forms, receipts, published works. Correspondence. Lists. Newspaper clippings. Photographs. Faxes.

Box 7B, Folder 39 Pamphlets
Contents Note: Includes "Yarmouth Stone", (Kathleen O'Loughlin). "Vinland Map Leads Nowhere" and "The Vinland Voyage - 1941" (Douglas S. Byers). Book Review "The European Discovery of America" (S.E. Morison).

Box 7B, Folder 40 "Archaeoastronomy" of the Old Stone Tower, William S. Penhallow
Contents Note: E-mail correspondence and manuscript copies of papers. Includes drawings and diagrams.

Box 7B, Folder 41 Pamphlets
Contents Note: Includes "The Viking Cross" (Huntley); "The Visit of the Vikings" (Higginson, 2 copies)

1882, undated
Box 7B, Folder 42 Pamphlets
Contents Note: "The Kensington Runestone"; "Three Stories of the Old Stone Mill" (Thomas); "More Light on the Old Mill" (Shelton).

Box 7B, Folder 43 Pamphlets
Contents Note: Verazzano as a Discoverer"; "The Old Mill at Newport" (Hatfield); "Did the Norsemen Erect the Newport Round Tower" (Wick); "The Viking Ship" (White)

Box 7C Report of the ground-penetrating radar survey of Touro Park, Newport, Rhode Island
Contents Note: Report by Dan Welch (Archaeological Geophysics Consultant). Sponsored by the New England Antiquities Research Association, Ted Ballard, Research Chairman. Submitted by Jim Egan.

Box 7C "Did British Knights of the Holy Grail Really beat Columbus to America?"
Contents Note: Photocopy of an article from the column The Secret Scroll.

December 11, 2000
Box 7C "The Kensington Runestone: A Historical Perspective" by Robert G. Johnson, University of Minnesota
Contents Note: Includes correspondence and the final version of the essay.

Box 7C, Folder 45 Clippings
Contents Note: Clippings and photocopies of newspaper and magazine articles.

Box 7C, Folder 47 Brochures, pamphlets and articles
Contents Note: Includes Newport History #235, inscribed by the author. Photocopies of published articles, notecards, invitations to exhibits and lectures. Typescripts of articles from the Newport Mercury. Bound printed reports.

Box 7C, Folder 48 Frederick Catherwood, Architect of a Theory
Box 7C, Folder 49 "The True Date of the Discovery of the American Continent Under John and Sebastian Cabot"
Contents Note: Printed by J.B. Nichols & Sons, 25, Parliament Street, London. Communicated to the Society of Antiquaries.

Box 7C, Folder 52 "Builder of the Newport Tower" by Edward A. Richardson
Contents Note: Essay for the American Society of Civil Engineers

Box 7C 2006 Excavation - Chronognostic Research Foundation
Contents Note: Includes correspondence, photocopies, clippings, and bound report entitled "Discovery Under Touro Park: Overview and Research" by Jan Barstad.

Box 7C Jorgen Siemonsen
Contents Note: Includes clippings, photocopies, and ephemera.


Series 3. Maps and visual materials

Container Description Date
Box 7, Folder 15 Maps
Contents Note: Contains reproduction of the 1634 map in New England Prospect: "The South Part of New-England, as it is Planted this yeare, 1634" and copy of "A drought of the Town of Newport Taken and Drawn by John Mumford, Jan 3, 1712-13," traced from photostat in Newport City Hall, Oct 8, 1955.

Box 7, Folder 16 Prints, drawings and etchings
Contents Note: Contains postcards of Old Stone ruins and Commodore Perry statue, as well as sketches, illustrations, and architectural drawings.

Box 7, Folder 17 Prints, drawings and etchings of mills and towers other than the Old Stone Mill
Box 7A, Folder 29 Photostat of Newport Ruin
Box 7A, Folder 30 Photographs of fireplaces and Hammett Building Bull House
Contents Note: Includes photocopy of sketch of the Mill with hand written note, added later, "'From my father's sketch book. We was together when this was taken. W.B.G.' Before 1832 (as early as 1814?) =Wm. B. Gilpin, Father was John Bernard Gilpin, British consul at Newport. Original in scrapbook. NHS #1280 (red)" and photograph of possible remains of Bull House, with handwritten note from Joseph W. Blaine in 1982.

Box 7A, Folder 31 Photographs
Box 7C Archaeological plans and land surveys

Series 4. Arnold family wills

Container Description Date
Box 7A, Folder 22 Miscellaneous Arnold family data
Contents Note: Contains typescript of extracts from the will of Rebecca Arnoll and (2) photostats of Benedict Arnold Senior's will.

Box 7A, Folder 22A Benedict Arnold will
Contents Note: Contains two original copies of Benedict Arnold's will.


Series 5. Miscellaneous

Container Description Date
Box 7, Folder 18 Mills other than the Old Stone Mill
Contents Note: Contains materials regarding the Stafford Hill Memorial and Chesterton Windmill.

Box 7A, Folder 23 Miscellaneous
Contents Note: Front matter from J&P Coats' Exhibit at the Cotton Centennial and the Story of the Old Stone Mill; note cards; 2 copies of invitation to lecture given by Philip Ainsworth Means; poster with text about a cottage complex in Warwickshire called Juxta Pacem; clipping from Popular Science; Notecard with typed extracts from Ezra Stiles' literary diary. Copy of The Newporter. Playbill. Menu from New Haven Railroad (cover features image of the Old stone Mill).

Contains clipping and photocopies, one of playbill for "Sounds from the Old Stone Mill." Includes handwritten notes from Joseph W. Blaine in 1982.

Box 7B, Folder 44 Sinclair Association
Contents Note: Brochures, Applications for membership. Index of publications. Flyers. Informational sheets. Newsletters.

Box 7C, Folder 50 Comment forms from exhibit, The Old Stone Mill in Perspective
Box 7C, Folder 51 The Old Stone Mill in Perspective exhibit label text