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Stuart Duncan estate architectural records

Scope & content

This collection consists of architectural drawings and other documents from John Russell Pope and the Olmsted Brothers for Stuart Duncan’s estate, Bonniecrest, in Newport, Rhode Island. Architectural drawings from John Russell Pope served as the plans for certain rooms within the estate such as the breakfast room and the east porch. An undated specification by John Russell Pope of the finish of certain rooms for Stuart Duncan is also found in this collection. This document provides detailed specifics about the materials, dimensions, and expected workmanship by Pope for the vestibule, entrance and stair hall on three floors, living room, gallery, library, dining room, breakfast room, and the corridor under the main stairs for Bonniecrest.

Architectural drawings from the Olmsted Brothers include their plans for planting shrubbery, flowers, and other plants along the estate. A planting order list for the estate from the Olmsted Brothers is also found within in this collection. This list contains the type and quantity of plants to be acquired for the estate and later planted along its grounds. Also included is a topographical map of the Stuart Duncan estate by J. P. Cotton, a civil engineer in Newport, Rhode Island, used by the Olmsted Brothers in the planning.