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Winslow family papers

Biographical Note

Henry Brevoort, Jr. (1782-1887) was the son of Henry Brevoort, Sr. (1747-1841) and Sarah Wheaton. He is the great-great-grandfather of John Grenville Winslow, the donor of the collection. Henry Brevoort, Jr.'s siblings were William Whetten Brevoort (1784-?), who married Sarah Nash about 1804; Margaret Anne Brevoort Renwick (1794-?), who married James Renwick on October 10, 1816); John Brevoort (1797-?); and Elias Brevoort (1804-?), who married Mary Brown in 1830.

With his wife Laura Carson Brevoort, Henry Brevoort, Jr. had eight children: James Carson Brevoort (1818-1887), William Augustus Brevoort, (1819-ca. 1832), Elizabeth Neville Brevoort Coolidge (1821-1849), Henry Wortley Brevoort (1831-?), Laura Whitten Brevoort Bristed (1823-1860), Margaret Claudia "Meta" Brevoort (1825-1876), Constance Irving Brevoort Sedgwick (b. 1828), and Edith Brevoort Kane (1832-1891).

Of Henry Brevoort, Jr.'s children, J. Carson Brevoort married Elizabeth Dorothea Lefferts and had one son, Henry Lefferts Brevoort (1848-1895), who married Elizabeth Schermerhorn in 1871. Elizabeth Neville Brevoort married Frederick W. Coolidge and had a son, the mountaineer William Augustus Brevoort Coolidge (1850-1926), whose aunt Meta introduced him to alpine climbing. Laura Whitten Brevoort married Charles Astor Bristed (1820-1874). Constance Irving Brevoort married William Ellery Sedgwick in 1850. Edith Brevoort married Pierre C. Kane (1828-1870), son of Eliza Corne Kane and Oliver Grenville Kane, who was the cousin of federal judge John Kintzing Kane (sharing grandparents John O'Kane and Sybil Kent). Edith and Pierre Kane's children were Grenville Kane (1854-1943), Meta Kane (b. 1856), Elizabeth de Gironcourt Kane (1859-1961), Henry Brevoort Kane (1866-1930), and William Carson Kane (b. ca. 1868).

Of Edith and Pierre Kane's children, their son Grenville Kane married Margaret A. Wolfe (1839-1940). Their children were Sybil Kane (b. ca. 1882), Edith Brevoort Kane (b. ca. 1884), Margaret Dorothy Kane (b. ca. 1886), Anzonetta (also called Anzonella) Kane (b. ca. 1888), and Rose O'Neil Kane (b. ca. 1890).

Of Grenville Kane's children, Rose O'Neil Kane married Carroll Dana Winslow. They had three children: Penelope Winslow, John Grenville Winslow (the donor of the collection), and Rose O'Neil Winslow. Rose's sister Edith Brevoort Kane married George F. Baker, Jr. (1878-?), having four children: Florence Baker (b. ca. 1913), Edith B. Baker (1913-1975), George Fisher Baker III (1915-1977), and Grenville Kane Baker (1921-1949).

Of Edith Brevoort Kane's children, George Fisher Baker III married Frances Drexel Munn Baker; they had three children, George F. Baker III (d. 1977), Anthony (1943-2008), and Pauline Baker Pitt. With his second wife, George Fisher Baker had two children, Kane Kendall Baker and Lavinia Baker.