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Arnold Family Papers


The collection is organized by family member (recipient or author) and is arranged chronologically. Correspondence between family members is located with the family member who is the author, with a reference to the letter in the recipient’s series. In addition the papers arranged by family members, the collection also includes Series XI: Miscellaneous, a small series of papers that were with the collection but could not be attributed to a specific family member. Frederick A. Arnold was part of multiple veterans’ associations, and Series I of his correspondence has been divided into two subseries, one for his general correspondence and the other for correspondence involving the veterans’ associations.

  • Series I: Frederick A. Arnold
  • Subseries A: General Correspondence
  • Subseries B: Veteran Organization Correspondence and Papers
  • Series II: Henry A. Arnold
  • Series III: Louisa (St. Armand) Arnold
  • Series IV: Margaret (Curry) Arnold
  • Series V: Olney Arnold
  • Series VI Russell G. Arnold
  • Series VII: Sarah P. Arnold
  • Series VIII: Susan S. Arnold (Gorton)
  • Series IX: Frank G. Tibbitts
  • Series X: Mary Whipple
  • Series XI: Miscellaneous