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Miscellaneous Manuscripts and Ephemera


Folder 1 Album of pressed flowers
Contents Note: One oversized album. 12 pages pressed flowers with labels. 2 mentions of Swiss locations, "Berne" and "Rhigi". Album labeled "GDR and FGR" Possibly George Lafayette Rifenburg from Brown University, Class of 1894, per note inside album.

circa 1894
Folder 2 Autographs
Contents Note: One envelope. Contains multiple envelopes of autograph clippings. Autographs donated by Miss Ada M. Hartzell, the estate of John Wilson Smith, and "Mrs. Skinner".

Folder 3 Autographs
Contents Note: Four autographs with envelope, J. Edward Calhoun (1832), Sammuel Pahrmann (1801),John Quincy Adams (1820), and Isaiah Thomas (1816). Possibly sent from Joseph C. Greene to Mr. S.R. Spink.

1801, 1823, 1832
Folder 4 Brutus
Contents Note: Handwritten, stitched manuscript or copy of an article by "Brutus" submited to "Mr. Wheeler" from the United States Chronicle.

1786 August 17
Folder 5 Byrne, John
Contents Note: Twenty-four letters written to Major John Byrne, member of the Irish National Federation of America. Includes recent (2000s) research and seller's description of collection.

1891, 1895
Folder 6 Douglass, Frederick
Contents Note: One envelope. Letter to Reverend James N. Gloucester.

Folder 7 Faning, J. Frederick
Contents Note: Letter to Mr. Miller.

1926 December 22
Folder 8 Fisher, John W.
Contents Note: “To the Public!” A handbill demanding law and order and noting that “Profane swearing and drunkenness are fineable. See Virginia Code, Sec. 3798.” A penciled note indicates that the “Battle of Fishers Hill, VA took place on these grounds.”

after 1864
Folder 9 Gooding, George
Contents Note: One manuscript. "Charter-Party of Affreightment " Signed by John Hancock.

Located in oversized box.

1758 April 6
Folder 10 Johnston, Joseph Eggleston
Contents Note: Letter from Joseph E. Johnston (US Congressman) to A.S. Garnett.

1889 April 24
Folder 11 Leech, John
Contents Note: Illustration in embossed folder, "De Vino, John Leech". Autographed water color and pencil drawing.

circa 1835
Folder 12 Lippitt, F.J.
Contents Note: Correspondence from Lippitt 'Fitz John'.

1884 February 28
Folder 13 National Guard of the Southern New Jersey Headquarters C. Company First Battalian
Contents Note: General Orders, some printed, some manuscript. Includes order to appear for court-martial.

approximately 1868-1871
Folder 14 Pelletan, Edouard
Contents Note: Mourning papers and manuscript notes on a list of works published by Éduoard Pelletan. In French.

circa 1912
Folder 15 Perry, Nora
Contents Note: Letter to "Miss Bailey."

1887 October 3
Folder 16 Photographs
Contents Note: Prints and negatives in varying photograph formats; film, print, albumen or silver nitrate.

after 1850
Folder 17 Prince, Thomas
Contents Note: Deed, Thomas Prince to John Freeman. "Satuckett" New Plymouth.

Folder 18 Publisher's sample book containing a collection of copied poems and stories
Contents Note: One book. Includes frontispiece, title page, printed plates, and reviews from The Life, Times and Characters of John Bunyan by Robert Philip. Also includes handwritten notes (copies of poems and stories possibly with originals) written in blank, bound pages.

circa 1862-1869
Folder 19 Salvini, Fernando
Contents Note: Autograph and note.

1886 May 13
Folder 20 Sharpe, Jno.
Contents Note: Fragments of a letter by Jno. Sharpe. Appears to be about legal/court matters.

approximately 1800-1850
Folder 21 Smith, William Farrar
Contents Note: Letter from William Farrar Smith, New York Police Commissioner and former Civil War General.

1875 August 31
Folder 22 Stevens, Isaac Ingalls
Contents Note: Letter asking for a subscription to the National Intelligencer for his home in Olympia, Washington Territory.

1853 May 25
Folder 23 Sypher, Jacob Hale
Contents Note: Handwritten biographical summary on the life of Jacob Hale Sypher, Union Army colonel in the Cival War and Representative in the 40th Congress. Likely signed or written by Jacob Hale Sypher.

circa 1865
Folder 24 Washington, Booker T.
Contents Note: Typed letter signed by Booker T. Washington to Mary G. Seagrave regarding the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama.

Folder 25 Whittier, John G.
Contents Note: Autograph letter signed by John G. Whittier.

1881 October 14
Folder 26 Wood, Gideon
Contents Note: Contract leasing a slave to William Gifford.

1773 January 29