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John Hutchins Cady Map Collection

Historical note

John Hutchins Cady (1881-1967) was an architect, architectural historian, preservationist, and urban planner. He was the youngest son of John Hamlin Cady of Providence and Mary Tabitha Eddy, of Somerset, Massachusetts. He graduated from Brown University in 1903 and from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1906. Before opening his own architectural firm in 1910, he worked for the Providence firm of Stone, Carpenter and Wilson. He served as the Rhode island Preservation Officer from 1955-1960 and was a consultant on the Rhode Island State Planning Board Maps. He was an active member of the American Institute of Architect, the Providence City Plan Commission, the Proprietors of Swan Point Cemetery, the National Planning Board, the State Planning Commission and the Providence Housing Association. He was the author of seven books on history of architecture and urban development of Providence and Rhode Island as well as author of numerous articles. Some of his works include Highroads and Byroads of Providence (1943) and Civic and Architectural Development of Providence (1957).