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John Hutchins Cady Map Collection

Scope & content

The collection consists of 108 maps collected or created by John Hutchins Cady. The collection consists of plans, plats, plots, topographical, hand drawn and illustrated maps. The collection contains originals and duplicates, including: tracings, blue prints and photostats. All maps are mounted unless noted in description. No original order was followed. Previous item number found on labels [md] which may have indicated previous shelving order is included in Item description.

Cited in The Civic and Architectural Development of Providence (1957) by John Hutchins Cady:

  • "Map of the Town of Providence". By Daniel Anthony p 70. Series 2, Item 40
  • "A Map of the Town of Providence". By Daniel Anthony pg 90, Series 2, Item 41
  • A Map of the City of Providence. By Cushing & Walling (copy)p 122 Series 2, Item 58
  • Map of the City of Providence Rhode Island. By D.G. Beers & Co. Photostat. p.142 Series 2, Item 65
  • Map of the City of Providence, Rhode Island by Sampson, Murdock & Co. Unmounted. P 197(original) Series 2 Item 73

Cited in The Ancient Paths to Pequot (1936) by William Morris Davis:

  • "Map showing the ancient paths to Pequot" by Norman Morrison Isham (can be found in Rhode Island Collection)