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George W. Potter and Alfred M. Williams Memorial Manuscript Collection


Series I. Alfred M. Williams Manuscripts

Box 1, Folder 1 Poems and Miscellaneous Written Accounts
Box 1, Folder 2 Photocopies of Williams Manuscripts

Series II. Correspondence
View a PDF of the correspondent list included in this series. There are more than sixty names which are either illegible or only a first name is given.

George W. Potter Correspondence

Box 1, Folder 3 Letters to: 1949
Box 1, Folder 4 Letters to: 1950
Box 1, Folder 5 Letters to: 1951-1952
Box 1, Folder 6 Letters to: 1953-1956
Box 1, Folder 7 Post Cards, Note Cards, Western Union and Exhibit Cards
Box 1, Folder 8 Greeting Cards
Box 1, Folder 9 Letters from: 1949-1954

Clarence E. Sherman Correspondence

Box 1, Folder 10 Letters to: 1948-1956
Box 1, Folder 11 Letters from: 1948-1956

Stuart C. Sherman Correspondence

Box 1, Folder 12 Letters to: 1948-1965
Box 1, Folder 13 Letters from: 1948-1967

Virginia M. Adams Correspondence

Box 1, Folder 14 Letters to and from: 1969-1981

Miscellaneous Correspondence

Box 1, Folder 15 1949-1981

Series III. George W. Potter Manuscripts: To the Golden Door Rough Draft

Box 1, Folder 16 Part I: Where They Came From pp. 1-132
Contents Note: Ch. I: “Top of the Morning”

Ch. II: The Irish Face of the Church

Ch. III: Ireland’s Isolation is Broken

Ch. IV: The Irish Meet the Tudors

Ch. V: The Irish Reject the Reformation

Ch. VI: Ireland is Confiscated

Ch. VII: The Conquest is Completed

Ch. VIII: There’ll be Changes Made

Ch. IX: The Protestant Century

Box 1, Folder 17 Prefamine in Ireland pp. 133-256
Contents Note: Ch. I: Across the Irishman’s Heart

Ch. II: The Hierarchy of Opposition

Ch. III: A Rural Proletariat

Ch. IV: “Ill Fed, Ill Clad, and Ill Lodged

Ch. V: The Poor Supported the Poor

Ch. VI: The Midnight Legislators

Box 1, Folder 18 Prefamine in Ireland (cont.) pp. 257-341
Contents Note: Missing p. 306

Ch. VII: Ribbonmen and Unions

Ch. VIII: The Faction-Fighting Irishmen

Ch. IX: Landlord’s Law in the Courts

Ch. X: Old Hands in Politics

Ch. XI: “Catholic Verses Protestant”

Ch. XII: The Faith of Patrick

Box 1, Folder 19 Prefamine in Ireland (cont.) 342-427
Contents Note: Missing pp. 382-385

Ch. XIII: “Soggarth Aroon”

Ch. XIV: The Earth Worker Arises

Ch. XV: A Look at the Catholic Irish

Ch. XVI: “The Invisible World of Ireland”

Ch. XVII: Irish Humor and Eloquence

Ch. XVIII: Irish Village Life

Ch. XIX: Emergence form Penal Bondage

Box 1, Folder 20 Section II: pp. 168-281
Contents Note: Grouped in five paper clipped packets:

pp. 168-181

pp. 192-214

pp. 215-226

pp. 227-266

Box 1, Folder 21 Section III: pp.282-379
Contents Note: Four packets:

pp. 282-323

pp. 324-336

pp. 337-348

pp. 349-379

Box 1, Folder 22 Section IV: pp.380-426 and Section V: pp. 427-517
Box 1, Folder 23 Part II: “How they Got Across the Ocean” pp. 1-115
Contents Note: Ch. I: Ways and Means

Box 1, Folder 24 Part III: What Befell them in America, Ch. I-IV pp. 1-83
Box 1, Folder 25 Part III (cont.): Ch. V-VI pp.83-227
Box 1, Folder 26 Part III (cont.): Ch. VII pp. 1-89/1-40
Contents Note: Ends at 89 and starts at 1 again

Box 2, Folder 1 Part III (cont.): Ch. VIII and Ch. IX The Building of the Church pp. 4-152
Contents Note: Missing pp.1-3

Box 2, Folder 2 Part III (cont.): pp.153-316
Contents Note: Ch. X: The Anti-Abolitionist Irish

Ch. XI: The River Repeal Agitation

Ch. XII: Blood on the Moon

Box 2, Folder 3 Part III (cont.): pp.1-142
Contents Note: Ch. XIII: Intermezzo, 1840s

Ch. XIV: "The Hunger is Upon us"

Ch. XV: "And Still They Come"

Box 2, Folder 4 Part III (cont.): pp. 143-318
Contents Note: Ch. XVI: They Fight Catholic Mexico

Ch. XVII: The Widow McCormick's Cabbage Patch

Ch. XVIII: The Long and Dark Probation

Box 2, Folder 5 Part III (cont.): Ch. XIX-XXI pp. 1-182, XXII: 1-42, and XXIII: 1-16
Contents Note: Ch. XIX: On the Course of Empire

Ch. XX: The Birth of Feminism

Ch. XXI: "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Irishmen"

Ch. XXII: "Give Me Again My Harp of Yew…"

Ch. XXIII: "The Union Must be Preserved"

Box 2, Folder 6 Miscellaneous handwritten notes by George W. Potter

Series IV. Collection Description

Box 2, Folder 7 include lists of materials in collection, descriptions of particular items, receipts, and highlights of the collection.

Series V. Miscellaneous News Paper Clippings

Box 2, Folder 8 Miscellaneous News Paper Clippings
Contents Note: Bulk of clippings from the Providence Journal.

Box 2, Folder 9 Miscellaneous News Paper Clippings, continued
Contents Note: Bulk of clippings from the Providence Journal.

Box 2, Folder 10 Miscellaneous News Paper Clippings, continued
Contents Note: Bulk of clippings from the Providence Journal.

Series VI. Miscellaneous Materials

Box 2, Folder 11 Manuscripts
Box 2, Folder 12 Printed Material
Box 2, Folder 13 Photographs