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Clarence A. Barbour papers


Series 1. Correspondence, 1923-1937
13.0 folders

Container Description Date
Folder 1 Correspondence concerning Barbour's nomination and election to presidency of Brown University.
Contents Note: Contains correspondence with Hermon C. Bumpus, W.H.P. Faunce, Fred T. Field, F.T. Gould, Albert D. Mead, and John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Includes carbon copies of Barbour's letters. Early letters mention possibility of nomination of Dr. Gilkey.

Folder 2 Letter written to Miss Leonard about Trip to Asia
Contents Note: Twenty letters written to Barbour's secretary, Miss Leonard, about trip to Asia. Letters include details about modes of travel, accomodations, state of the missions and other desscriptive details.

1931 October 7-1932 June 3
Folder 3 Letters to Friends and Family on Trip to Asia
Contents Note: Reproduced or typewritten copies of letters sent to Miss Leonard to be distributed to friends and family. Letters include details about modes of travel, accomodations, state of the missions and other desscriptive details.

1931 October 12-1932 May 12
Folder 4 Andrews, Adam
Contents Note: Contains correspondence between Adam Andrews and Barbour. Letters discuss Andrews' honorary degree and the recommendation for Governor Judd of Hawaii to receive an honorary degree, both from Brown University.

1930 April 1-1934 May 18
Folder 5 Angell, James Rowland
Contents Note: Two letters in reply to Barbour's request that Fred T. Field be considered for honorary degree at Yale. With copies of Barbour's letters to Angell and to William V. Kellen, November 19-26, 1930, and letter from Kellen to Barbour, November 25, 1930.

1930 November 19-26
Folder 6 Barbour, Clarence Augustus
Contents Note: Contains letters from Barbour to the Members of the Brown Corporation, A.H. Gurney, Dr. Van Hoesen, and Professor and Acting President James P. Adams.

1929 July 12-1936 September 17
Folder 7 Cadman, Samuel Parks
Contents Note: Letter expressing appreciation and enclosing honorarium.

1935 March 5
Folder 8 Clark, Lella A.
Contents Note: Letter concerning papers of her father, J. O. A. Clark.

1937 January 14
Folder 9 Coolidge, Calvin
Contents Note: Letter one recalls meeting him during a visit at Williams College, and thanks him for kind and interesting letter. Letter two, Coolidge is gratified by Barbour's letter regarding the boys. Letter three explains that Coolidge may not be able to attend services at First Congregational Church in Washington on the 21st. Letter four promises Coolidge will call attention of the Attorney General to his recommendation of Simon L. Adler for the position of U. S. judge.

1923 August 25-1926 September 21
Folder 10 Finley, John Huston
Contents Note: Letter declining invitation to speak at open forum at Brown University, with copy of Barbour's letter asking him to speak.

1935 September 18-21
Folder 11 Gurney, Alfred H.
Contents Note: Letter extending congratulations of Executive Committee of Associated Alumni on his election as president of Brown, with copy of Barbour's reply, December 2, 1928, on verso.

1928 November 28
Folder 12 Koussevitsky, Serge
Contents Note: Letter thanking him for kind words about the Orchestra.

1935 November 4
Folder 13 Randall, Otis Everett
Contents Note: Letter congratulating him on election as president of Brown, with copy of Barbour's reply, October 18, 1928 typed on Randall's letter.

1928 October 11
Folder 14 Sharpe, Henry Dexter
Contents Note: Letter urging Robinson to accept presidency of Brown; change of name of the Women's College to Pembroke College; believes in influence of women's college. Copy of Barbour's reply on verso.

1928 October 13-November 6

Series 2. Writings
1.0 item

Container Description Date
Folder 6 The Overflow of Personality
Contents Note: Essay written by Barbour. Context is unknown.

Series 3. Condolence Letters
1.0 folder

Container Description Date
Folder 15 Barbour, Florence Newell
Contents Note: Includes four poems by Newell Barbour describing the Red Sea, China and Japan from her 1931-1932 trip to Asia. Also includes two letters written from Delhi and Calcutta, three letters written on April 19, 20, and 22, 1932 from Peking and Tientsin. With copy of letter by Priscilla Leonard, May 19, 1932. Letter from Aug. 19, 1936 discusses index of her songs.

1931 November 17-1936 August 19

Series 4. Writing and Correspondence of Florence Newell Barbour, 1931-1936

Container Description Date
Folder 14 Letters and telegrams relating to the death and funeral of President Barbour
Contents Note: Includes James P. Adams letter notifying Brown community of Barbour's death, as well details about the funeral. Also contains letters of condolence from members of the Brown Community and other friends of the family. A maililng list and letters of thanks from Florence Newell Barbour are also present.

1937 January 16-22