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Rufus King papers


Box 1 Addiction in Infants: Newspaper articles, correspondence, memoranda
Box 1 ABA – Criminal Law Section, Committee on Drug Abuse: Memoranda, correspondence, contact sheets, association papers, reports, congressional documents, notes, program studies, report comments
Box 1 Alcohol, Tobacco and Miscellaneous: Newspaper articles, journals, pamphlets, congressional addresses, magazines, congressional records
Box 1 Ambrose, Myles J.: Congressional addresses, newspaper articles, congressional documents
Box 1 American Civil Liberties Union: Correspondence, petitions, meeting agenda, meeting minutes, memoranda
Box 1 American College of Physicians Conference, (ACP) Newark, N.J. - 10/2-6/72: Academic papers, correspondence, programs
Box 1 AMA Resolutions: Correspondence, Brochures
Box 1 American Orthopsychiatric Association, Annual Meeting, Wash., D. C., 3/21-24/71: Meeting programs, press releases, correspondence
Box 1 American Pharmaceutical Association: Handbooks, journals
Box 1 Anslinger, H.J.: Newspaper articles, correspondence, journal articles, congressional statements
Box 1 Armed Forces: Newspaper articles, congressional records, correspondence, pamphlets, handbooks, journal articles, press releases
Box 1 Arrests - Seizures - Raids: Press releases, newspaper articles
Box 1 Articles by Rufus King on Narcotics: Journal articles, correspondence, order forms
Box 1 Barbiturates, Miscellaneous: Newspaper articles, pamphlets, journal articles, congressional records, correspondence, memoranda
Box 1 Matthew Bender, “Defense of a Narcotics Case”: Receipts, brochures, manuscripts, correspondence, book excerpts
Box 1 Berger, Herbert: Correspondence, newspaper articles, journal articles, memoranda
Box 1 Bibliographies: Correspondence, bibliographies
Box 1 Bills and Reports, 83rd Congress: Congressional documents, newspaper articles
Box 1 Bills and Reports, 84th Congress: Congressional documents
Box 1 Bills and Reports, 86th Congress: Correspondence, congressional records
Box 1 Bills and Reports, 87th Congress: Congressional documents, newspaper and magazine articles, memoranda, correspondence
Box 1 Bills and Reports, 88th Congress: Congressional documents
Box 1 Bills and Reports, 89th Congress: Congressional statements, memoranda, congressional documents, newspaper articles
Box 1 Bills and Reports, 90th Congress (Presidential Message): Congressional records, government papers
Box 1 Bills and Reports, 91st Congress (Presidential Message): Memoranda, congressional documents, newspaper articles, pamphlets, notes (1 of 2)
Box 2 Bills and Reports, 91st Congress (Presidential Message): Memoranda, congressional documents, newspaper articles, pamphlets, notes (2 of 2)
Box 2 Bills and Reports -- 92nd Congress: Congressional records, newspaper articles, memoranda
Box 2 Brecher, Edward M.: Correspondence
Box 2 Bucaro, A.G.: Correspondence, booklets
Box 2 Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (Justice Department): Congressional documents, newspaper articles, bulletins, government booklets, pamphlets, government reports
Box 2 California: Newspaper articles, legal documents, correspondence, speech transcripts
Box 2 Canada, (OPTAT): Correspondence, academic papers, booklets, notes, programs, pamphlets, order forms, project drafts, conference schedules, newspaper articles
Box 2 Chein, Isidor: Academic papers
Box 2 CLS--Committee On Narcotics and Alcohol 1952-57: Congressional testimonies, academic papers, summaries of discussion, correspondence, congressional documents, notes
Box 2 CLS--Law and Contemporary Problems (Melvin G. Shimm, Editor): Academic papers, correspondence, symposium outlines
Box 2 CLS Program on Narcotics (ABA 1955 Ann. Mtg., Phila., Pa.): Program remarks, notes, correspondence, biographical data
Box 2 Cocaine: Newspaper articles, magazines
Box 2 Coffee, John M.: Congressional documents, academic papers, correspondence
Box 2 Communists, etc.: Newspaper articles, congressional hearings
Box 2 Connecticut: Bulletin articles
Box 2 Contemporary Drug Problems, Panel Discussion (N.Y., Oct. ’72): Booklets, correspondence, panel discussion transcripts, academic papers
Box 2 Council of State Governments: Correspondence, suggested legislation, congressional documents, memoranda
Box 2 Crime and Drug Abuse: Newspaper articles, congressional documents
Box 2 Daniel Committee: Congressional documents, newspaper articles, sealed envelope. Index to Files on Narcotics (Inside Daniel Committee): File contents, notes, reports, congressional releases, newsletters, mailings, pamphlets, correspondence, academic papers
Box 3 Dean’s Conference, Newark, N. J. -- 10/18-20/72: Memoranda, conference schedules, correspondence, bulletins
Box 3 Deaths: Newspaper articles, journal articles, correspondence, academic reports
Box 3 Death Statistics Other than Drugs: Newspaper articles, booklets, mailings, reports, correspondence
Box 3 District of Columbia: Correspondence, newspaper articles, posters, reports, notes, congressional documents, newsletters, leaflets, radio reports, bibliographies (2 folders)
Box 3 Doctor Cases 1956—: Newspaper articles, notes, correspondence, memoranda, legal documents
Box 3 Drug Abuse Council: Newspaper articles, correspondence
Box 3 Drug Abuse Survey Conference, Newark, N.J., Sept. 14, 1971: Correspondence, reports, pamphlets
Box 3 “Drug Abuse: The Crime that Isn’t”: Correspondence, contracts, newspaper articles, book outlines, table of contents, journal articles, academic papers, notes, book drafts, information sheets
Box 3 Drug Bill – 1970: Newspaper articles, congressional documents, book excerpts, news releases, title pages, magazine articles
Box 3 Drug Cases, General: Correspondence, legal documents, summaries of discussion
Box 3 Drug Forum: Correspondence, statements
Box 3 The Drug Hang-Up, Programs, Reviews, Acknowledgements, etc.: Correspondence, newspaper articles, book reviews, publisher order forms, newsletters, notes, journal articles (2 folders)
Box 3 The Drug Hang-Up, Charles C. Thomas Co.: Correspondence, art materials, mail advertisements, book reviews, notes, studies, contracts
Box 3 “The Drug Hang-Up”, General: Correspondence, newspaper articles, notes, table of contents
Box 3 “The Drug Hang-Up”, John Schaffner - Literary Agent: Notes, correspondence, financial documents, leaflets, research papers
Box 3 “The Drug Hang-Up”, Publicity, etc.: Bulletins, correspondence, book reviews, addresses, notes, book excerpts, magazine articles, reports, indexes, fact sheets, newspaper articles, photographs, press releases
Box 3 “The Drug Hang-Up”, U. of Chicago Press – E. Valentine: Magazine articles, correspondence, call slips, newspaper articles, bibliographies
Box 3 “The Drug Hang-Up”, W.W. Norton and Co. (Eric Swenson): Correspondence, book summaries, book excerpts, questionnaires, notes, contracts
Box 3 Drug Shows – General (Radio, TV, etc.): Pamphlets, correspondence, journal and newspaper articles, leaflets, resolutions
Box 4 6th Eagleville Conference on Alcoholism and Drug Addiction June 1973: Brochures, correspondence, abstracts of proceeding, academic papers, congressional acts, panel Discussion summaries, journal articles
Box 4 Education: Newspaper articles, newsletters, bulletins, press releases
Box 4 Eldridge, W.B.: Correspondence, experiment critiques
Box 4 Encyclopaedia Britannica Article: encyclopedias, brochures, academic papers, correspondence, encyclopedia article drafts
Box 4 Florida: Booklets
Box 4 France: Newspaper articles
Box 4 General: Booklets, newspaper articles, journal articles, correspondence, magazine articles, congressional documents, newsletters, pamphlets, reports
Box 4 Ginsberg, Allen: Correspondence, research documents
Box 4 Glue and Miscellaneous: Newspaper articles
Box 4 Government Education Foundation: Notes, newsletters, mailings, pamphlets, booklets
Box 4 Great Britain: Notes, newspaper articles, government documents, correspondence, magazine articles, academic papers, interview summaries, reports, paper excerpts
Box 4 Hallucinogens, Inc.: Invoices, pamphlets, bulletins
Box 4 Hassan: Newspaper articles
Box 4 Harrison Act: Notes
Box 4 Henry Street Settlement: Correspondence, memoranda, reports
Box 4 Heroin: Magazine articles, congressional documents, newspaper articles, press releases
Box 4 H.R. 2: Congressional documents, newspaper articles, conference speeches, press releases, seminar schedules, correspondence
Box 4 Hudson Institute, (RK Consultant): Correspondence, notes, booklets, receipts, program schedules, academic papers
Box 4 Illinois: Notes, receipts, correspondence, booklets, congressional documents, newspaper articles, convention speeches, resolutions, notes, certificates, legislative documents
Box 4 Industrial: Newspaper articles
Box 4 Institute Study of Drug Addiction: Newsletter memoranda, meeting minutes, financial statements, newsletters, institute by-laws, correspondence, notes, statements of purpose, meeting agenda, pamphlets, order forms, institute kits, proposals, bulletins, contracts, applications, newspaper articles
Box 4 Institute Study of Drug Addiction: Lectures, correspondence
Box 4 Interdepartmental Committee 1956: Reports
Box 4 International Association of Chiefs of Police: Memoranda, bulletins
Box 5 International, Miscellaneous: Newspaper articles, correspondence, congressional hearings, reports, congressional documents, digests, presidential remarks, press releases, magazines, notes, journal articles, academic papers, United Nations reports, bulletin articles, appraisals, booklets, bulletins (2 folders)
Box 5 International Symposium on Drug Abuse Jerusalem – August 12-14, 1970: Correspondence, program abstracts, academic papers
Box 5 2nd International Symposium on Drug Abuse Jerusalem – May 28-31, 1972: Correspondence, travel documents, symposium programs and papers, paper abstracts, academic papers, notes, newspaper articles, brochures
Box 5 Interpol (International Criminal Police Organization): Reports
Box 5 Joint ABA-AMA Committee on Narcotic Drugs 1955-56: Appraisals, reports, meeting notes, correspondence, summaries of discussion, memoranda
Box 5 Joint ABA-AMA Committee on Narcotic Drugs 1958: Reports, correspondence, newspaper articles, amendments
Box 5 Joint ABA-AMA Committee on Narcotic Drugs: Interim Report, 1958
Box 5 Joint ABA-AMA Committee on Narcotic Drugs 1959-60: Reports, statements, resolutions, act proposals, commentaries, correspondence, memoranda, congress addresses
Box 5 Joint ABA-AMA Committee on Narcotic Drugs: Reports, summaries of discussion
Box 6 Joint Meeting of N. J. Association of School Psychologists and N.J. Psychological Association: Correspondence, pamphlets
Box 6 Judicial Conference Committee: Government reports, memoranda, research, correspondence
Box 6 Juveniles, Miscellaneous: Newspaper and magazine articles, correspondence, proposals, journal articles, reports, congress reports
Box 6 Knapp Commission: Correspondence, newspaper articles
Box 6 Kolb, Lawrence: Correspondence, newspaper articles, journals
Box 6 Larimore (and Brill): Reports, newspaper articles, correspondence
Box 6 Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA): Reports, news releases
Box 6 Liberty Lobby: Newspaper and magazine articles
Box 6 Lindesmith, Alfred R.: Correspondence, reports, newspaper and magazine articles
Box 6 L.S.D.: Newspaper articles, pamphlets, magazines, order forms, bulletins, booklets, press releases, congressional documents
Box 6 Mafia: New York Times Magazine, New York
Box 6 Marijuana: Newspaper and magazine articles, pamphlets, summary of pending legislation, television transcripts, journals, correspondence
Box 6 Maryland: Correspondence, legislation, pamphlets, newspaper articles
Box 6 Massachusetts: Correspondence, policy statements, newspaper articles, pamphlets, journals, legislation
Box 6 Maurer and Vogel: Correspondence, book reviews
Box 6 Medical Society of New Jersey, Drug Abuse Symposium: Leaflets, brochures, programs, journals, journal articles, correspondence
Box 6 Methadone: Reports, bibliographies, newspaper and magazine articles, congressional documents, correspondence, notes, academic papers, pamphlets, congressional press releases, position statements, notes, journal articles, conference proceedings (2 folders)
Box 6 Methodists (T. Brenner): Newspaper articles, booklets, correspondence, pamphlets, magazine articles, order forms
Box 6 Michigan: Congressional bill
Box 6 Miscellaneous (Before 1930): Calendar excerpts, committee reports, newspaper and magazine articles
Box 6 Miscellaneous -- 1958 (Speech Notes): Notes, television interview transcripts, conference notes, academic papers, correspondence
Box 6 Miscellaneous -- 1959-61 (Trent Case): Newspaper articles, correspondence, news releases, legal proceedings
Box 6 Miscellaneous -- (1962-current): Newspaper articles, newsletters, newspaper articles, correspondence, notes
Box 6 Miscellaneous: Clippings, Publications, Notes
Box 7 Miscellaneous: Congressional Records, Washington Post, newspaper clippings
Box 7 Miscellaneous: Publications, reports
Box 7 Moynihan: Newspaper articles, conference addresses
Box 7 Musto, David (Dr.): Correspondence, magazines
Box 7 NAPAN (National Association for Prevention of Addiction to Narcotics): Pamphlets, newspaper articles, correspondence, bulletins, memoranda
Box 7 Narcotics Education, Inc.: Correspondence, journal articles, pamphlets
Box 7 Narcotics – Ford, General: Press releases
Box 7 National Coordinating Council on Drug Abuse, Etc.: Correspondence, newsletters
Box 7 NBC “Kicksville, USA” 1960 Walter McGraw: Correspondence, screenplays, notes, questionnaires
Box 7 N. D. A. A. (National District Attorneys Association): Booklets, legal statements, pamphlets
Box 7 New Jersey: Legislative documents, correspondence
Box 7 New York: Reports, newspaper articles, newsletters, correspondence, spreadsheets, pamphlets, press releases, journal articles, congressional booklets and documents, notes, conference reports, memoranda (4 folders)
Box 7 Newman, Dr. Robert G.: Correspondence, congressional documents, academic papers
Box 7 NIH--Narcotics Symposium 3/27-8-58: Programs, memoranda, correspondence
Box 7 North Carolina: Correspondence
Box 7 Ohio: Leaflets, newspaper articles, correspondence, symposium programs
Box 7 Oleo: Notes
Box 7 Parks, D. C.: Price lists, correspondence, newspaper articles, pamphlets, bulletins, book excerpts, brochures
Box 7 Police Corruption: Congressional press releases, newspaper articles, magazines
Box 7 President’s Crime Commission: Memoranda
Box 7 Prisoner Statistics: Congressional documents, association documents, notes, newsletters
Box 7 Psychotropic Convention: Congressional documents, bulletins
Box 7 Ratigan, Thomas P. (Jr.): Notes
Box 7 Resolutions, Miscellaneous: Pamphlets, congressional documents
Box 7 Reviews by Rufus King on Drug Books: Correspondence, book reviews
Box 8 Robinson Case et Seq.: Journal articles
Box 8 Sage Publications: Academic papers, leaflets, pamphlets, encyclopedia articles, correspondence, contracts, chapter outlines
Box 8 Schools: Academic papers, newspaper articles
Box 8 Schur, Edwin M.: Correspondence, journal articles, radio transcripts
Box 8 Science Writers Symposium, September 23-24, 1971: Academic papers, journal articles, brochures, notes, correspondence, news releases
Box 8 Self-help Conference May 1973: Pamphlets, resolution drafts, correspondence, academic papers, memoranda, newsletters
Box 8 Society for the Study of Addiction: Pamphlets, memoranda
Box 8 South Carolina: Correspondence, bulletins
Box 8 Stetler, C. Joseph: Correspondence
Box 8 Stevens, Alden: Correspondence, magazine articles, outlines, academic papers
Box 8 Sub-Committee on Alcoholism, Drug Addiction and Correctional Facilities: Correspondence, committee reports, memoranda
Box 8 Synanon: Journal articles, newspaper articles
Box 8 Texas: Congressional documents
Box 8 This Week Magazine – May 17, 1959, Rufus King article: What Your Policeman Can Do for You: Newspaper articles, correspondence, magazines, notes, photographs
Box 8 Tranquilizers: Newspaper articles, congressional booklets
Box 8 Turkey: Newspaper articles, congressional documents
Box 8 Uniform Acts: Legislative documents, newsletters (2 folders)
Box 8 Uniform State Controlled Dangerous Substances Act – 1969: Legislative documents, correspondence, magazine articles, memoranda
Box 8 U.S. Customs Bureau: Newspaper articles
Box 8 U. S. Department of Justice: Congressional statements, addresses, and acts, magazines, newspaper articles, correspondence, congressional releases
Box 8 U.S. – HEW and FDA: Newsletters, journals, booklets, pamphlets, correspondence, newspaper articles, fact sheets, legislative statements, legislative documents, academic papers, manuals (2 folders)
Box 8 U.S. Public Health Service: Governmental documents, reports, studies, newspaper articles, correspondence, receipts, memoranda, magazine articles
Box 8 Virginia: Correspondence, newspaper articles
Box 8 Warren, Earl: Notes, correspondence, speech transcripts
Box 8 White House Conference for TV: Pamphlets, press releases, newspaper articles
Box 8 Yale Law Journal Article: Journals, notes, correspondence