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Clifford M. and Ruth M. Eddy musical compositions

Scope & content

The Clifford M. and Ruth M. Eddy musical compositions consist chiefly of printed and manuscript music mostly by Clifford and his daughter, Ruth. Other materials include a few letters and some poetry. The collection is divided into three series: music, correspondence and proposed lyrics. The music series consists of the music of Clifford Eddy, including primarily fully developed songs, but also a few sketches of tunes. This series also includes the music of Ruth Eddy and others, as well as music without the name of a composer or lyricist attached. A few of the songs have been published, but the majority of them were not and are handwritten. The topics range from the blues to hymns to love songs. The correspondence series is very short and for the most part concerns the use of poems as song lyrics. The last series consists of poems which the Eddys were considering for use as lyrics.