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Dreyfus Affair periodicals collection

Scope & content

This collection of illustrated popular periodicals from France, Great Britain, and Italy discuss the Dreyfus Affair and Émile Zola and cover the years 1891 to 1906. Series one contains Dépêche. Supplément illustré with issues dating from 1899 and Petit journal. Supplément illustré with issues starting in 1892 and finishing in 1899. All of the periodicals are weekend supplements to daily newspapers and have colored etchings on both the first and last pages. Those etchings are discussed in a column of perhaps several paragraphs which give the reader not only information about the stories but also editorial commentary on them. Other regular articles include chess columns, fashion drawings, ads for such things as hair regrowth, diabetes control and weight loss, serial fiction, jokes, and puzzles. English periodicals are all in black and white covering years 1891-1902.