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Scott Corbett papers

Scope & content

The Scott Corbett papers contain a variety of material related to his career as a writer as well as personal memorabilia from his childhood and his service in the United States Army during World War II. These papers also include Elizabeth Corbett's personal and business papers and artwork by the author and illustrator Don Freeman.

The first series contains both personal and business correspondence to and from Scott and Elizabeth. Scott Corbett's personal papers include memorabilia from his childhood and service in the Army as well as a variety of printed material such as newspaper clippings, maps and sheet music.

The series concerning Scott's writings contains both writings by him, chiefly concerning Army life, and printed material such as book reviews and catalogues related to his published work.

Most of Elizabeth Corbett's papers are related to her career as a social worker in Providence, Rhode Island. This series also contains documents related to the estates of her mother, Susan Esberg, and her aunt, Florence Anspacher.

The artwork by Don Freeman consists of drawings on a variety of topics, including humorous drawings regarding Army life, drawings of the Corbett family, published cartoons, and drawings of theater and street scenes in New York City.

Most of the photographs in these papers were taken while Scott was in the Army from 1943 to 1945. Some are oversize. Very few are labeled or dated.

The newspapers were all published during World War II. Several feature headlines regarding important events such as the invasion of France on June 6, 1945. Most were published by the 42nd Infantry Division and include columns by Scott Corbett.

Most of the artifacts are related to Scott's service in the Army. They include his dog tags and Rainbow Division insignia as well as a German military armband and rubber stamp. A few personal items such as straight razors and marbles are also included.