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Rusty Magee papers

Scope & content

The Rusty Magee papers contain material related to his career as a composer and performer in musical theater and comedy. Most of the material is dated from 1978 to 2002. It includes original scores, sheet music, and scripts for numerous plays; printed material such as playbills, programs and theater reviews; and recordings of plays and Magee's performances on audiocassette, compact disc and DVD.

The material in the first series, plays, is arranged alphabetically by the title of the play. It includes scores and parts, scripts, playbills, promotional material such as fliers and press releases, and theater reviews. Magee wrote original music and lyrics for many of the plays in this series. Most of his original music is in manuscript form. Magee's contribution to some of the plays in this series is not known.

The second series, music by Rusty Magee, consists of sheet music copyrighted between 2005 and 2007. It includes music for children's songs, music labeled "new transcriptions" and a spiral bound volume entitled The Rusty Magee Collection, Volume 1.

The third series, playbills and programs, contains material for plays and performances not listed in the first series. It is arranged alphabetically by title.

The material in the fourth series, miscellaneous press, was originally found in an envelope with that label. It consists of posters for Moonwork, a theater company in New York City where Magee worked; posters and press for the West Bank Café; and material regarding Magee's career, including several resumes and photographs. Magee's original description and organization of this material has been retained.

The fifth and last series in these papers, audiovisual material, contains recordings of plays and of Magee's music and performances on audiocassette, compact disc, and DVD. This series also contains one VHS tape entitled Quayle Season.