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Fernando Birri Archive of Multimedia Arts - Fotos

Scope & content

This is Subgroup 2: Fotos and contains the photographs, both personal and professional, created and collected by Fernando Birri. Birri organized his files, photographs, documents, and films in broad categories. He created the system based on how he worked and the major projects that occupied his time. He was not always consistent in the way he applied the categories to items and many naturally belong to many different categories. He chose the one most applicable. To see all the materials related to a particular topic, film, or art project the researcher is advised to consult each of the 4 Subgroups. See the Arrangement page to get an overview of his classification scheme and links to each Subgroup.

Subgroup 2: Fotos is divided into 15 Series based on Birri's classification system. The materials are arranged alphabetically within each Series. The series titles accurately describe the types of materials to be found within that series. For Series PH IV: Fotoglifos, the word Fotoglifo was created by Birri to describe the artwork in which he uses glyphs (glifos) of his own devising in various combinations. See also Subgroup 4: Pinturas, Series P2: Fotoglifos for more of this type of artwork.

  • Series PH I: Personales
  • Series PH I-A1: Personales: Primeros Planos Fernando Birri
  • Series PH I-A2: Personales: Fernando Birri en Momentos Diversos
  • Series PH I-B1: Personales: Fernando Birri con Personalidades Conocidas
  • Series PH I-B2: Personales: Fernando Birri con Amigos y Familiares (Privadas)
  • Series PH II-A1: Los Films: Fotos de Escena
  • Series PH II-A2: Los Films: "si gira" (incluye "preparación" y "locaciones")
  • Series PH II-B1: Los Films: Carteles, Tarjetas, Recortes
  • Series PH III: Fernando Birri como Actor en Films de Otros
  • Series PH IV: Fotoglifos
  • Series PH V-A: La Escuelas: La Escuela Documental de Santa Fe
  • Series PH V-B: La Escuelas: La Escuela de Tres Mundos (Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV)
  • Series PH V-C: La Escuelas: Otras Escuelas y Grupos Creativos, Seminarios, Workshops
  • Series PH VI: Teatro de Títeres "Retablillo de Maese Pedro"
  • Series PH VII: Otros