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Fernando Birri Archive of Multimedia Arts - Pinturas

Scope & content

This is Subgroup 4: Pinturas and contains Birri's artwork in a wide variety of media: paintings, sketches, collages, photomontages, and mixed media. Fernando Birri organized his files, photographs, documents, artwork, and films in broad categories. He created the system based on how he worked and the major projects that occupied his time. See the Arrangement page to get an overview of his classification scheme. He was not always consistent in the way he applied the categories to items and many naturally belong to many different categories. He chose the one most applicable.

Subgroup 4: Pinturas is divided into 4 Series based on Birri’s classification system. The items are arranged alphabetically with the exception of Series P1: Serie Matérica.

Series P1: Serie Matérica – This series contains his paintings, drawings, collages, photomontages, and mixed media artworks. It is organized in 3 sections. The first section is artwork created for a particular project and is organized alphabetically by the name of the project. The second section is artwork not created for a specific project and is organized chronologically. The third section is artwork with neither a project nor a date and is organized alphabetically by the title of the work.

To see the original explanation and inventory list created by Birri for his artwork click here.

Birri created his artwork with a wide range of media: markers, pens, pencils, photographs, pastels, charcoal, watercolors, and tempura paint among others. His artwork is often abstract and free form. Sometimes his work is sparse using only a pen or pencil and other times riotous with colors and forms in a great profusion. In addition to drawing images related to his films, many drawings are social and political commentary. Another major theme in his work is the phallus.

Series P2: Fotoglifos – The word Fotoglifo was created by Birri to describe the artwork in which he uses glyphs (glifos) of his own devising in various combinations.

Series P3: Glifotronics – This artwork was created by Birri using computer software. The images are mostly abstract and very colorful.

Series P4: Prensa y difusión – This series contains information about the publicity and advertising for his artwork and exhibitions. It also includes posters created for films – Birri’s and other film makers – and for film festivals.