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Lyman G. Bloomingdale correspondence and collection on John Buchan


Series I. Correspondence, circa 1941-1994

Subseries A. Correspondence with book sellers, circa 1941-1977

Container Description Date
Box 1
circa 1941-1977

Subseries B. Correspondence with others, 1954-1994

Container Description Date
Box 1
Box 2
circa 1957-1994

Series II. Ephemera and printed materials related to John Buchan, circa 1930-1965

Container Description Date
Box 3
circa 1930-1965

Series III. Materials removed from books in the John Buchan Collection (Brown University), circa 1915-1967, undated

Container Description Date
Box 4 Miscellanous manuscripts and clippings removed from Buchan Books
Contents Note: Approximately 20 items, mostly clippings, notes, and publishers' announcements; with a few letters from Lyman G. Bloomingdale, collector.

circa 1925-1967, undated
Box 4 Miscellaneous letters, manuscripts, and ephemera removed from painted volumes in the Buchan Collection
Contents Note: Approximately 10 items, mostly clippings, notes, and publishers' announcements; with a few letters from Lyman G. Bloomingdale, collector.

circa 1915-1965, undated
Box 4 Miscellaneous letters removed from Buchan painted volumes
Contents Note: 4 typescript letters from Lyman Bloomingdale addressed to book sellers and a library concerning purchase of items for the John Buchan Collection.


Series IV. John Buchan bibliography, circa 1952-1963, undated
The series comprises typescript bibliographies by various authors including Lyman Bloomingdale, Robert G. Blanchard, and James D. Mack; an inventory of John Buchan's personal library; and related research and correspondence.

Container Description Date
Box 4 Bibliographies and inventories
Contents Note: Materials consist of bibliographies of works by John Buchan and inventories of Buchan's personal library.

1952-1960, undated
Box 6 Bibliographies
Contents Note: Bibliographies comprising Books by John Buchan, 1887-1941; Books with contributions by John Buchan; John Buchan speeches, collected works, miscellanea; Contributions to periodicals by John Buchan.

Box 5 Research, notes, and correspondence
circa 1953-1963, undated
Boxes 7-8 Card catalog
Contents Note: Comprises four steel card file cases containing bibliographic entries in two ranges, chronological and alphabetical. The cards are color coded to describe: works by John Buchan (white); contributions by John Buchan (blue); edited by John Buchan (yellow); periodicals in which John Buchan appears (pink); works about, or mention of, John Buchan (green); miscellany (peach).