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Lew Dale Vaudeville collection

Scope & content

This collection contains 24 programs and 1 poster for vaudeville shows and 1 black and white photograph of a vaudeville performer in black face. All of the items are for shows in which Lew Dale performed as a comedian, ventriloquist, minstrel showman, and musician. The materials date from 1892-1907. The shows were performed in the following states in the United States: Iowa, South Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., and Virginia. Each program includes Lew Dale as a solo act or as part of a duo. There are 3 duo acts represented: Allen & Dale, Fredo &Dale, and Dale & Dare. Most of the shows list Lew Dale as a musician and comedian. He specialized in playing novelty instruments such as the Marimaphone and the Electrobalco Bells. The programs also list all the other performers for each show and include advertisements for local businesses and political candidates.