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Larry Eigner papers


The collection is arranged in three series:

  • Series 1. Manuscripts
  • Series 2. Correspondence
  • Series 3. Miscellaneous items

The collection begins with Eigner's poetry arranged in alphabetical order by either title or first line. In cases where more than one poem is written on a page the page is filled according to the title of the first poem on the page.

Eigner's correspondence is divided into two groups: those letters written by Eigner, and those written to him. Within these groups the letters are arranged alphabetically, and, in the case where more than one letter is written to or by any one individiual, the letters are arranged chronologically. The only exceptions to this are letters written on the manscripts of poems, in which case they are filed with th epoems themselves and cross referenced in their place in the normal sequence of letters with a note referring to where they are filed.

The final folder contains the few miscellaneous items within this collection.