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Morris Abner Barr papers

Scope & content

This collection of approximately 1,430 items, dating approximately from 1939 to 1968, consists of Barr's poetry, prose and selected correspondence. The poetry is mostly inspirational and moralistic, with a wide range of topics including nature, love, God, friendship, and Barr's own life. The title of each verse is usually a good indication of its content, and in some cases the author's attitude toward the subject. The prose is comprised of mostly autobiographical sketches, with some shorter fiction. Some of Barr's texts also quote letters by others; these usually refer to the manuscript in question, to Barr's abilities as a writer, or his generosity as a person. The collection also includes selected correspondence (some of these he later had published along with his own work), as well as a scrapbook mostly consisting of material based on the George Washington Sentry Tree.

In the correspondence one finds letters of thanks for all the help and gifts that Barr has offered, letters of advice including many from Rev. W. J. Thompson, and a few letters critical of Barr's literary abilities from Lucy Malloy, proofreader and teacher.