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John R. Frazier speeches and writings

Scope & content

Speeches, 1955-1962, delivered primarily to RISD Trustees, faculty, and students comprise the bulk of the series. The Writings, circa 1948-1960, document the history of RISD and the Painting Department. In addition, the series includes Frazier's manuals for his Freehand Drawing classes.

The speeches include convocation and commencement addresses, reports to the Board of Trustees, administrative and faculty meetings, radio talks, remarks to alumni, students, and parents, and private groups. The speeches document the development of Frazier's administrative policies and reforms including faculty pay raises, professorial rank, tenure, and the creation of the Faculty organization, the 1958 capital campaign, student behavior, his thoughts on curriculum, teaching, and painting, as well as the state of RISD.

Prepared for Frazier's Freehand Drawing courses, the manuals document his "analysis of how one thinks about the problem of the draughtsman" and outline the courses. His writings on RISD document his interpretation of the School's pedagogical development, particularly during his time at RISD, 1905-1960. An undated essay provides his thoughts on Picasso.