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Lorea Standish Adams papers

Scope & content

The Lorea Standish Adams papers contain art education materials made, drawn, or collected by Adams, 1900-1920. There are pamphlets and clippings used in classes that showcase different drawing and illustration examples for children and teenagers. The series also includes notes on teaching, classroom protocol, and classroom syllabuses created by Adams and syllabuses published for Rhode Island and Massachusetts schools.

The collection holds Adams' school records and grades from RISD classes. Included are Adams' notebooks from primary school and RISD. One notebook contains her complete notes for a Saturday public school teachers drawing class taught by Helen E. Cleaves, 1910-1911, with lectures highlighting Denman Ross's Color Theory. The collection holds correspondence with and publications by educational instruction companies and others including the Prang Educational School and the National Association of Audubon Societies.

The collection includes a list of her books donated to the Fleet Library at RISD in 1998.

Publications included in the series are:

  • Harlow, Louis K. Green Pastures and Still Waters. Boston: Samuel E. Cassino, 1887. [folder 1/4]
  • Seegmiller, Wilhelmina, ed. Applied Arts Drawing Books. New York: Atkinson, Mentzer, and Grover, 1911. [folder 1/4]
  • Jones, Arthur J. "A Syllabus for the Study of the History of Eduction." Rhode Island Normal School Bulletin. Providence, 1910. [folder 1/5
  • Whitney, Frederick. Blackboard Drawing. Worcester, Mass.: The Davis Press, 1903. [folder 1/6]
  • Weir, Irene and Elizabeth Stone. Outline of Courses in Design, Representation and Color for High School Classes. Brookline, Mass., 1910. [folder 1/11]
  • Drawing and Manual Training: Outline of Lessons for Boston Elementary Schools, 1910-1911. Boston: Dept. of Education [folder 1/11]
  • Applied Arts Drawing Books: A Suggested Outline Autumn. New York: Atkinson, Mentzer and Grover. [folder 1/11]
  • Reproductions of Original Drawings Made With Dixon's Colored Crayons. Jersey City, NJ: Joseph Dixon Crucible Co. [folder 2/2]
  • North American Birds Compliments of Chase and Sanborn Tea and Coffee Importers. Chase and Sanborn, 1905. [folder 2/2]