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McDermott Record collection

Scope & content

This collection consists exclusively of one-hundred and sixty-four 78 r.p.m. records, donated to Providence College by Edward J. McDermott. The series is arranged by performer or subject, depending on the variation. The two primary performers in this collection are Enrico Caruso, who is credited with being one of the first to lend his voice to the then-new medium of the phonograph, and thereby sky-rocketing the popularity of the new device, as well as John McCormack, a world-famous Irish tenor.

The other records involve lessons in learning the Latin language through the works of various ancient authors, including Virgil and Cicero. Also included are recordings of classical music, composed by Beethoven, Grieg, and others. Additional albums are recordings of a Solemn High Catholic Mass, and recordings of popular musical artists of the 1920's and 1930's.