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Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection


Series 1. Item List
Items are arranged in accession order. Please see the descriptions available at the folder level to learn more about individual items in the collection.

Box 1, Folder 1 Kingston Academy Records
Contents Note: The records of Kingston Academy are recorded in a single volume containing handwritten entries dating from 1823-1854. Entries include lists of school officials, trustees, and committee members, as well as meeting minutes, votes, and memoranda.

This volume presents the records of the Kingston Academy, first known as the Pettiquamscutt Academy, and later known as both the Kingston Seminary and the Kingston Female Seminary. This school was connected to the Samuel Sewall School.

Box 1, Folder 1a Kingston Academy Historical Data and Bond Issued to John H. Wells
Contents Note: This sheet contains documentation of the sale of Kingston Academy to Treasurer of the Academy John H. Wells.

Box 1, Folder 2 Kenyon, Anna E.- Scrapbook
Contents Note: Anna Kenyon’s scrapbook contains newspaper clippings of poetry, fiction, local obituaries, and local news. One article from 1897 Jun 6 highlights Old St. Paul’s Church in Wickford, R.I. as the oldest Protestant Episcopal church in New England.

Box 1, Folder 3 Kenyon, Anna E. - Memory and Autograph Book
Contents Note: This book contains handwritten copies of verse and biblical passages written by Anna Kenyon’s friends and relatives. Each entry is signed and dated. The book also includes some drawings and printed material.

Box 1, Folder 4 Sherman Family- Records of Births, Marriages, Deaths
Contents Note: This folder contains two pages of handwritten records of the Sherman family’s births, marriages, and deaths.

18th century-19th century
Box 1, Folder 5 Kingston newspaper clipping
Contents Note: This folder contains what appear to be clippings from a single issue of the Providence Evening Telegram from 1901 Apr 15. The main article title reads, “Kingston a Village Well Worth Seeing.” Within the clippings there are photographs of Old Kingston Village, the home of Reverend J. Hadderdan Wells, and the Court House.

Box 1, Folder 6 Turner, Henry E.- Oration
Contents Note: This pamphlet contains the text of Dr. Henry E. Turner’s 1809 Jul 4 Oration delivered in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.

Box 1, Folder 7 Vinton, John R.- Obsequies and Biographical Data
Contents Note: The Vinton Obsequies, a one page document dated 1848 May 11, presents the official plans for the funeral of the late Mayor John R. Vinton which include the presence of several political and military leaders in the procession and at the service.

Mayor John Rogues Vinton was born in Providence on 1801 Jun 16. At the age of seventeen Vinton completed his studies at the United State Military Academy, West Point. He served in Washington D.C. and in Florida during the Seminole War (1837). He intended to enter the Christian Ministry but circumstances led him to abandon that idea. He was appointed Mayor for his gallant conduct in the battle of Monterrey in 1846. Shortly after that on 1847 Mar 22 Vinton died while on active duty in the trenches in Vera Cruz.

Box 1, Folder 8 Johnson, Peleg (1791-1855)- Biographical Data, Medical Ledger #1in Oversize box #25, loose papers removed from ledger
Contents Note: Within the folder are loose papers that removed from Peleg Johnson’s medical ledger. The ledger itself is in Oversize Box 25.

Dr. Peleg Johnson was born in Charlestown, Rhode Island on 1791 Jul 27, the oldest son of Kenyon and Elizabeth Johnson. His father wanted him to remain on the farm but Peleg Johnson left in 1811 at the age of 20 to begin medical studies under Dr. Soule of Mansfield, Connecticut. He graduated from Yale College in 1816. In 1821, Johnson married Sarah Hines of Washington, Rhode Island and moved to Kingston, Rhode Island where he lived the remainder of his life.

Box 1, Folder 8a Johnson, Peleg - Medical Ledger #2 in Oversize box #25, loose papers removed from ledger
Contents Note: This folder contains only a loose recipe for cough syrup removed from Peleg Johnson’s second medical ledger. The second ledger itself is in Oversize Box 25.

For biographical information regarding Peleg Johnson please see the biographical note associated with folder 8 or J. R. Cole's bookHistory of Washington and Kent Counties, available through the HELIN catalog and in the URI Special Collections and Archives as part of the Rhode Island Collection.

Box 1, Folder 9 Gardner, Johnson (1799-1869) - Medical and Judicial Ledger found in Oversize box # 26, Divorce Agreement removed from Ledger, Biographical Data
Contents Note: This file contains the 1855 May 2 divorce agreement between Johnson Gardner and his wife Phebe L. Gardner. The Medical Ledger and Judicial Ledger are in Oversize Box 26.

Johnson Gardner began his medical practice in 1826 in Providence. In 1842 he moved to Seekonk where he became active in political affairs. A Democrat, he was a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives and served as a member of the State Senate. In 1854 he moved to Pawtucket. During the Civil War Gardner was the examining surgeon of recruits in Providence. After the War he gave up his Providence practice and returned to Pawtucket where he died in 1869.

In 1829 Johnson Gardner married Phebe Lawton Sisson. They had eight children, one of whom was Clarence Tripp Gardner (1844-1907) a well know physician. Clarence's one child, Clarence Howard also became a physician. In 1855 Johnson Gardner and Phebe Lawton Sisson Gardner agreed to divorce. In the divorce agreement of 1855 May 2 Johnson relinquished to his wife, as libellant, property that was hers at the time of their marriage and paid her $250. Phebe released Johnson from support of alimony. The divorce was witnessed by their daughter, Josephine A. Frieze, and their son John A. Gardner.

1855 May 2, undated
Box 1, Folder 10 Miller, Augustus S. (1847-1905) - Biographical Data, Judicial Ledger
Contents Note: The judicial ledger, dated 1878 Mar-1889 Feb 5, contains records of legal matters such as writs, divorces, and bills of sale.

Augustus Miller, prominent Rhode Island politician and lawyer, was born in Plainfield, CT on 1847 Aug 13. A graduate of Brown University in 1871, Miller served at the Rhode Island Bar from 1874 until his death. He was a partner in two firms, first Spooner, Miller, and Brown, then Miller and Brown.

A Democrat, Miller served on the Council of the City of Providence from 1885-1887 and was its President in 1887. He was elected a member of the House of Representatives of the General Assembly in 1884-1885, and in 1889-1891 he was the speaker of the House. He was elected a Rhode Island State Senator, from Providence, from 1893-1894.

In 1881 Miller married Elizabeth LeMoine Davis. They had two children, Mary Elizabeth Davis (deceased) and William Davis.

Box 1, Folder 11 Miller, Augustus S. - Newspaper Clippings, Miller Firm
Contents Note: This bound collection of newspaper clippings id dated 1897 Jan 26-1900 Feb 15. It contains newspaper clippings on of cases of the law in which the Miller Law Firm participated. Prominent cases are Steinert (embezzlement) and Mainz-Lederer (breach of promise).

For more information on Augustus Miller please see the biographical note associated with Box 1, Folder 10 of this collection.

Box 2, Folder 12 Miller, Augustus S. - Newspaper Clippings, Nettie Clark Case
Contents Note: This volume contains newspaper clippings related to the Oct 1890 trial of Miss Nettie Clark who was accused of forgery. Augustus Miller acted as the lead council on her defense, along with his associate Mr. Brown. Attorney General Slocum was the lead council for the prosecution.

For more information on Augustus Miller please see the biographical note associated with Box 1, Folder 10 of this collection.

Box 2, Folder 13 Miller, Augustus S. - Newspaper Clippings, Politics
Contents Note: This scrapbook contains newspaper clippings related to local political news, speeches, and election coverage.

For more information on Augustus Miller please see the biographical note associated with Box 1, Folder 10 of this collection.

Box 2, Folder 14 Quincy, Josiah, Letter on Law of Libel
Contents Note: This pamphlet contains a “Letter to the honorary Josiah Quincy, judge of the municipal court in the city of Boston, on the law of libel as laid down by him in the case of Commonwealth vs. Bickingham.”

Box 2, Folder 15 Commentary on Elements of International Right, in French, title pages only
Contents Note: These two cover pages contain the text (in French) that reads: Commentary on the elements of international rights and on the history of the progress of human rights, by Henry Wheaton, for William Beach Lawrence, Minister of United States to London and author of “The Right to Visit in Times of Peace.”

Box 2, Folder 16 Law and Order Party- political letter
Contents Note: This broadside discusses an upcoming election and names the Law and Order candidates running for office, including the incumbent Governor Fenner.

1845 Feb
Box 2, Folder 17 Law and Order Party- political letter
Contents Note: The title of this letter reads, "Law and Order party of South Kingstown dissolved by Ultra Clay Whigs."

Box 2, Folder 18 Pawtuxet St. Christian Society, Act of Incorporation
Box 2, Folder 19 Circulation of Holy Scriptures, notice
Contents Note: This page was written by W.M. Gammell, President of the Rhode Island Bible Society, announcing the work of Reverend James P. Root in canvassing the area and circulating the scriptures.

circa 1850-1870
Box 2, Folder 20 Record of Mails, Kingston - In Oversize
Contents Note: This item is located in Oversize Box 26.

Box 2, Folder 21 R. I. Census
Contents Note: This folio is located in the Allen Rare Book room at the URI Special Collections and Archives.

Box 2, Folder 22 Wakefield Cadets, Act of Incorporation
1842 Jun
Box 2, Folder 23 Rank in the Navy, Pamphlet
Contents Note: This pamphlet describes the ranking system in both the army and the navy. No author or organization is listed on the document.

1848 Jun 17
Box 2, Folder 24 Payment Record Book - In Oversize
Contents Note: This item is located in Oversize Box 26.

Box 2, Folder 25 Payment Record Book - In Oversize
Contents Note: This item is located in Oversize Box 26.

Box 2, Folder 26 Store Ledger photographic sheets from unidentified store ledger
Contents Note: This folder contains three large photographic sheets from an unidentified store ledger. The sheets indicate it was located in Newport, Rhode Island.

Box 2, Folder 27 Daniel Frederic, Cash Receipt Book
1823 Dec 12-1824 Aug 20
Box 2, Folder 28 William Cakery and H.L. Babcock, Sales Book
Contents Note: William Cakery and H.L. Babcock’s store sold textiles as fabrics like "callico," gingham, and silk make up much of their sales registry.

1824 May 17-1824 Aug 20
Box 2, Folder 29 Financial Records of the Sewall School Funds
Contents Note: William French is listed as the treasurer of the Sewall School.

Box 2, Folder 30 Ledger, Material- In Oversize
Contents Note: This item is located in Oversize Box 26.

Box 2, Folder 31 Store Ledger
Box 2, Folder 31a Unidentified Store Ledger
Box 3, Folder 32 Scott, Richard S.- Account Book
While no life dates are available for Richard S. Scott, it is known that he lived in Smithfield, R.I. from 1828-1846. Scott was a member of the Smithfield School Committee in 1832 and served as a member of the Smithfield town council in 1832 and 1833.

Scott was an entrepreneur, having connections with various cloth mills and their operatives from 1836-1846, the period covered in his account book. In the account book Scott notes surveys he did for Joseph Wilkinson in 1839, 1841, and 1843. These surveys were conducted in connection with the eleven year law suit of Joseph Wilkinson vs. William Jenkins and Samuel F. Man over Mott Dam and the claims of the Manville Corporation.

Scott had connections with school district business again in 1842 and in 1843 according to his account book. He was involved in preparation of the school house, supplying wood, and paying the wages of teachers ($13 per month).

Box 3, Folder 33 Grog- house, Account Book
Contents Note: Within the folder is the account book as well as several loose materials that were removed from the account book.

Box 3, Folder 34 Book of Debts
Box 3, Folder 35 Deed of Conscription of Ship, Count De Grafs, by U.S. Government
Contents Note: This folder contains the original document as well as a copy of the document.

Box 3, Folder 36 Mawney, Peter L.- Seaman's Journal
Contents Note: This seaman’s journal by Peter Mawney contains the notations of six voyages, noting information on location, winds, weather, and sightings of various fish. One of the voyages, in the Brigg Peggy, began in Block Island, Rhode Island and ended in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Peter L. Mawney was the master of a Providence sloop named the "Polly and Betsey" from 1794-1797. In 1797 the ship was owned by Joseph Tillinghast, Benjamin E. Gorton, and William E. Tilinghast of Providence. The vessel was lost at sea in 1801.

Box 3, Folder 37 Gorton, Benjamin- Voyage Journal
Contents Note: This folder contains the voyage journal of the trip from Block Island, Rhode Island to Antigua and the return trip. The journal dates from 20 Apr 1785-22 Jun 1785.

Examination of Ship Registers of Rhode Island, Providence (1773-1939) and Newport (1790-1939), shows that Benjamin E. Gorton was associated in various capacities with Joseph and William Tillinghast, ship owners and merchants of Providence during the period of 1794-1817.

Box 3, Folder 38 Material removed from the Gorton Voyage Journal (see box 3, folder 37)
Contents Note: Loose papers removed from the Gorton voyage journal. The journal is located within the Miscellaneous Manuscript Collection (msg20) in box 3, folder 37.

Box 3, Folder 39 Tillinghast, William E. - Journal
Box 4, Folder 40 Hayes, Palmerston- A.L.S.
Contents Note: This is a letter from Palmerston Hayes, Archbishop of New York, to someone with the last name Lansdowne.

1842 Nov 4
Box 4, Folder 41 Carelli, Alfredo- 3 A.L.S.
Contents Note: These three letters were written by Alfredo Carelli in 1912. They are written in Italian.

Box 4, Folder 42 Scrapbook- newspaper clippings, Rhode Island
Contents Note: The creator of this scrapbook is unknown. Most of the clippings contain sections of verse or stories. A second folder 42 contains loose material that was removed from the scrapbook.

Box 4, Folder 43 Watson, Ezekiel- ledger
Contents Note: This ledger contains what appear to be mathematics notes and practice activities.

circa 1774-1865
Box 4, Folder 44 Miscellaneous Papers found in ledger of E. Watson, box 4, folder 43
Contents Note: Loose papers removed from the E. Watson's ledger. The ledger is located within the Miscellaneous Manuscript Collection (msg20) in box 4, folder 43.

Box 4, Folder 45 Copies of Prayers and Sermons, Watson, Walter T.
Contents Note: These pages were found within the ledger of Ezekiel Watson (located within the Miscellaneous Manuscript Collection, msg20, in box 4, folder 43). They contain written copies of prayers and sermons by Walter T. Watson.

circa 1907
Box 4, Folder 46 Record book- Farm - South Kingston, R.I.
Contents Note: This record book was found within the ledger of Ezekiel Watson (located within the Miscellaneous Manuscript Collection, msg20, in box 4, folder 43).

Box 4, Folder 47 Coggeshall, Daniel- Copy of Will
Contents Note: This copy of Daniel Coggeshall's will was found within the ledger of Ezekiel Watson (located within the Miscellaneous Manuscript Collection, msg20, in box 4, folder 43).

circa 1770
Box 4, Folder 48 Copy of the Governor's Commission sent into New England
Contents Note: This copy of the Governor's Commission was found within the ledger of Ezekiel Watson (located within the Miscellaneous Manuscript Collection, msg20, in box 4, folder 43).

Box 5, Folder 49 Hale, William (1856- )- Daybook
Box 5, Folder 50 Hale, William (1856- )- Miscellaneous items
circa 1907-1909
Box 5, Folder 51 Addleshaw, Percy (1866-1916) - A.L.S.
Contents Note: This letter was composed by Percy Addleshaw and sent to a Mr. R. Harris.

Box 5, Folder 52 Wheilden, William Wilder (1805-1892) - A.L.S.
Contents Note: This letter was composed by William Wilder Whielden and sent to the Honorary Josiah Quincy.

Box 5, Folder 53 Sheffield, Aaron - A.L.S.
Contents Note: This letter was composed by Aaron Sheffield and sent to Mr. Hazard and Mr. Robinson.

Box 5, Folder 54 Kershaw, Charles - Record of services to and receipt of payment from Isaac Peace
Box 5, Folder 55 Rhode Island. Legislature. General Assembly. Report of the select committee... relating to petitions on the Abolition of slavery
Box 5, Folder 56 Davis, Joshua (1742-1829)- Miscellaneous accounts and receipts
Joshua Davis was a farmer and miller in Davisville, Rhode Island. His grandfather, also Joshua Davis, was probably the original settler of Davisville and the first to construct a mill there.

1775-1776, 1781-1782
Box 5, Folder 57 Davis, Joshua (1742-1829)- Misc. accounts and receipts
Joshua Davis was a farmer and miller in Davisville, Rhode Island. His grandfather, also Joshua Davis, was probably the original settler of Davisville and the first to construct a mill there.

1783, 1785-1786, 1788-1789
Box 5, Folder 58 Davis, Joshua (1742-1829)- Misc. accounts and receipts
Joshua Davis was a farmer and miller in Davisville, Rhode Island. His grandfather, also Joshua Davis, was probably the original settler of Davisville and the first to construct a mill there.

1790, 1792-1794
Box 5, Folder 59 Davis, Joshua (1742-1829)- Misc. accounts and receipts
Joshua Davis was a farmer and miller in Davisville, Rhode Island. His grandfather, also Joshua Davis, was probably the original settler of Davisville and the first to construct a mill there.

1796-1801, 1803
Box 5, Folder 60 Rhode Island Circuit Court, Providence- Opinion on the case of Ebenezer Tyler and others vs. Abraham Wilkinson and others.
Box 5, Folder 61 Newell, Harring A.- Commonplace book, Geneva Seminary
Box 5, Folder 62 South Kingstown School District No. 3- Meetings of legal voters of the School District
Contents Note: This large bound volume contains information relating to the South Kingstown School District including meeting minutes. In the back of the volume a small folder houses several receipts and other financial information.

Box 6, Folder 63 Account Book- Captain Albert Mason, East Greenwich, R.I.- Schooner "Empire"
Contents Note: The note accompanying the account book reads, “Account Book. Capt. Alfred Mason. Schooner Empire; East Greenwich, Davisville, North Kingstown, R.I. 10 Mar 1857-28 Nov 1860. Tipped in is notice of a Walking Match between Alfred Mason and [a Mr.] Chace of Davisville, 1881.”

Box 6, Folder 64 Account Book- George Rose, South Kingstown Lumber Dealer
Contents Note: Along with the account book is a 1979 letter from Ruth B. Torbert of Concord, Virginia providing biographical information about George Rose. There is also a copy of Torbert’s genealogy.

According to Ruth Torbert's letter, George Washington Rose was born in North Kingston on 6 Jun 1795 or 1797 and died in South Kingston on 1 Oct 1885 or 1888. He was the son of James Rose and Dorcas Sherman. He married Elizabeth Sweet Northup, the daughter of Benjamin and Ruth (Austin) Northup. Elizabeth was born in South Kingston on 3 May 1787 and died in October 1877. George Washington Rose was the father of George Edward Rose, called "Jr.," who built the red stone house on Rose Hill.

Box 6, Folder 65 Account Book- Silas Ballou, Cumberland, R.I.- Wagon Body Maker
Box 6, Folder 66 Account Book- T.K. Wood, Cumberland, R.I.- Expressman
Box 6, Folder 67 Family Note Book- Judge Bliss Family, East Providence, R.I.
Box 6, Folder 68 Horse Ephemera- Receipts and photos
Contents Note: This folder contains three types of horse related ephemera. First, there are bills and receipts dating between 1886 and 1917. Most are from Little Compton, Rhode Island and bear the name Abraham Wardell. The receipts state that Wardell works at "wheelwrighting, blacksmithing, horse shoeing, and jobbing." The second group of ephemera is made up of 5 unidentified photographs, four of which picture different people posed with horses. The final photograph shows three men standing in front of a shop whose sign reads, "U. Larocque, Horse Shoer and Jobber." Finally, among a final set of receipts there is an 1885 horse auction catalog and several stable bills.

Box 6, Folder 69 Daybook and papers- Horace Warren, Blacksmith, Coventry, R.I.
Contents Note: The pencil Warren used to write in parts of the daybook remains attached. This folder contains several bills and receipts relating to Warren’s Coventry blacksmithing business. There is a photograph of Warren and another man.

Box 6, Folder 70 Nisbet Family Letters (Quaker)
Contents Note: The letters of the Nisbet family were composed by mainly Robert Nisbet and his wife Hannah (Fuller) Nisbet. Hannah Nisbet’s letter reflects on the death of her husband.

Box 6, Folder 71 Rhode Island. Military. List of Ordinances, Newport
Box 7, Folder 72 Manton, Emily. Journal Describing Trip from Providence to Richfield, Minn.
Box 7, Folder 73 Bacon, Marnie. Diary describing graduation from Barrington H.S. and a trip to London
Box 7, Folder 74 Kingston, R.I.- Justices Records
Box 7, Folder 75 Richmond, R.I.- Old Boss Meeting House, Peterson Genealogy, Wyoming, R.I.
Contents Note: Present in the folder are notes about the history of the Old Boss meeting house, the Peterson genealogy, and three newspaper articles on the history of the village of Wyoming by Minnie E. Niles.

Box 7, Folder 76 Hazard, Rowland- 3 A.L.S. to Hazard
1883, 1888, 1890
Box 7, Folder 77 Brown, Oscar A.- Grammar School Papers
Contents Note: These papers, written by Oscar Brown while in grammar school, relate lessons of history, geography, arithmetic, and physiology. Brown wrote his name and West Kingston, Rhode Island on each sheet.

Box 7, Folder 78 South Kingstown School Graduation and Entrance Exams
Contents Note: The text of the examination announcement reads, "1906, Graduation Examinations for the Elementary Schools and Entrance Examinations for the South Kingstown High School." Students were to be tested on arithmetic, physiology, grammar, history, and geography. To pass the student had to earn an eighty percent or better. Results were to be sent to Bernon E. Helme, Superintendent of the Kingston schools. The folder also contains several copies of each subject test.

Box 7, Folder 79 Greenwich Academy- Essay and Poem
Contents Note: The brief essay discusses the geological importance of mountains. The humorous poem is called "Spring Cleaning."

1886, undated
Box 7, Folder 80 Wake, Edith M.- 4 short essays, a letter and a poem
Contents Note: Essay topics include: The Ostrich, What Becomes of Gold, Things that Cost Nothing and Their Value, and Kindness. Edith Wake also copied the text of Thomas Campbell’s poem, The Soldier’s Dreams. There is also a letter to her instructor, Mrs. Esten, describing Edith’s Christmas vacation.

Box 7, Folder 81 Store Ledger of Lyman Kenyon
Box 7, Folder 82 Store Ledger
Box 7, Folder 83 Rose Family Genealogy
Box 7, Folder 84 U.S. IRS Tax Form (Example of First Income Tax Form)
Box 7, Folder 85 Gleason, John B.- Correspondence
Box 7, Folder 86 Newport, R.I.- A.L.S.
Contents Note: This letter is written to "My Own Darling" from "Susie." It is dated 29 Apr 1874. A copy of the letter is also present in the folder.

Box 8, Folder 87 Winsor, Olney- Articles of Agreement for Apprenticeship to Edward Thurber, Jr.
Contents Note: Contains the original manuscript as well as a type written copy.

Box 8, Folder 88 Washington, George- copy of letter signed G. Washington
Box 8, Folder 89 R.I. Hospital Training School for Nurses- Application forms, rules, lectures given
Contents Note: This type written information produced by the Rhode Island Training School for Nurses contains a detailed list of the weekly lectures, lecturers, and subjects to be presented in 1889. The packet also contains the school rules and an application packet.

Box 8, Folder 90 South Kingstown Charter, Census, Coventry Census(Photocopies)
Contents Note: The type written copy of the charter of South Kingston, R.I. was originally composed in 1723. The 1774 Census data from South Kingston, R.I. lists a total population of 224. Entries are listed under the name of the male head of household. The copy of the Coventry, R.I. Census is undated. There are two reproductions of the Smithfield and Cumberland ranges charter included in the folder, this item was originally composed in 1776.

1723, 1774, undated
Box 8, Folder 91 Neilson, Samuel- Letters from Samuel Neilson to his wife, written from prison
Contents Note: These letters were transferred to the Burt/Bock Family Papers, Manuscript Group 46, URI Archives and Special Collections.

Box 8, Folder 92 Hopkinton Town Meeting Minutes
Box 8, Folder 93 Taylor, Philip K.- Log of Sea Journey, Boston to Azores
Contents Note: The sticker on the log reads: "Taylor, Phillip K. Log of Sea Journey, Boston to Azores and Return, 1894 Sep 8-1894 Dec 22, as ship’s surgeon. Bark ‘Sarah’ with general cargo, lumber, and passengers." The log book is type written and the date of typing is listed as 1899.

1894 Sep 08-1894 Dec 22
Box 8, Folder 94 Order Book, Unidentified
Contents Note: Contains orders and shipping records for unidentified items. This folder is empty and the order book is located in Oversize Box #26.

Box 8, Folder 95 Certificate of Marriage- James Campbell and Amy Correns
1849 May 27
Box 8, Folder 96 The Union Straw Works and Bonnet Manufacturing Co., Foxboro, MA, Research paper by Anne L. Graham
Box 8, Folder 97 Roosevelt, Franklin D.- TLS to Henry Jackson of Pawtucket, R.I.
Box 8, Folder 98 Lewis Family Record
Contents Note: Contains a very fragile manuscript page with genealogical information. A card written by a Special Collections staff member outlines the dates and people listed on the manuscript.

19th century
Box 8, Folder 99 Plants of Rhode Island, by James Bennett
Contents Note: Three connected items are contained in this folder. There is a May 1987 letter from Roger D. Goos, Professor, to Dr. Francis Holmes of the University of Massachusetts, thanking Holmes for sending the document written by James L. Bennet and remarking on the list of fungi contained therein. There is a page advertising an April 1983 plant pathology seminar at the University of Massachusetts. Finally, the document by James L. Bennet is titled, "Plants of Rhode Island, being an Enumeration of Plants Growing without Cultivation in the State of Rhode Island." The document is presented as part of the proceedings of the Providence Franklin Society.

Box 8, Folder 100 Malanga, Gerard- 2 Notebooks of poems, drafts, notes (removed to Pym-Randall Collection)
Contents Note: Malanga’s notebooks were transferred to the Pym-Randall Press Archives, Manuscript Group 19, URI Archives and Special Collections. Within the Pym-Randall Press Archives, Malanga’s notebooks are located in Series 3, Manuscripts, folder 185.

Box 8, Folder 101 Potter, Jared- Civil War Diary, 7th R.I. Volunteers
Contents Note: The folder contains a reproduction of the diary as well as the diary itself. The diary mentions the Battle of Petersburg, Virginia and describes life in the camps during the Civil War.

Box 8, Folder 102 Tate, James- "Deaf Girl Playing" Page proofs, copy 105 signed (removed to Pym-Randall Collection)
Contents Note: Tate’s proofs were transferred to the Pym-Randall Press Archives, Manuscript Group 19, URI Archives and Special Collections. Within the Pym-Randall Press Archives, Tate’s proofs are located in Series 2, Books, folder 90.

Box 8, Folder 103 Ledge of G.W. Lamphear- Westerly, Providence
Box 9, Folder 104 Haywood, Arthur- Underground Railroad and Druid's Dream
Contents Note: A typed list of the contents of this folder lists several items including: a manuscript letter of explanation from Mr. Arthur Haywood, donor, of Wakefield, R.I., July 1897; an audio cassette tape labeled "Tunnels in Kingston, R.I.," a partial transcript of the tape recording; two letters to Haywood regarding the Underground railroad in Kingston; a copy of a 6 page paper on the Underground Railroad in R.I.; copies of a NEARA booklet about druid stones; copy of a newspaper article about Joseph Hazard’s "Druids Dream" in Narragansett, R.I.; and a manuscript copy of a poem by R.L. Sharp.

Box 9, Folder 105 Marriage Certificate- Joshua Tucker and Dorcas Gardner, both of South Kingstown, R.I.
1842 Apr 25
Box 9, Folder 106 Farnum Family Papers
Contents Note: A typed list of the contents of this folder lists: a certificate of marriage between Francis Farnum of Gloucester, R.I. and Sarah Randall, 1847; a receipt for the sale of cattle by Francis Farnum, 1864; a deed for land purchased in Dakota Territory by Francis Farnum, 1881; a manuscript list of deaths in the family; and four newspaper obituaries of Farnum family members.

1847, 1881, undated
Box 9, Folder 107 Robinson, Jeremiah- Letter from Mary Niles Pearce describing the Niles Farm at Dale Carlia Corners
Box 9, Folder 108 Mount Hope Cotton Mfg. Co. Day Book, Thomas Tillinghast Day Book, Horace Tillinghast Account Book - See Oversize
Contents Note: This item is located in Oversize Box 26.

1815, 1822-1830, 1832-1839
Box 9, Folder 109 Minutes of the Kingston Players
Contents Note: This booklet contains the manuscripts minutes of the Kingston Players. Also included within the booklet are five programs of the group’s productions.

Box 9, Folder 110 Leach, Florence Dexter- Chronicle of Happenings in Camps "Folly" and "Barabuette", West Exeter, R.I.
Contents Note: A typed description of this item reads: Chronicle of happenings in camps "Folly" and "Barabutte," West Exeter, R.I., August 1894. 45 leaves of double spaced carbon typescript, sketched illustrations, birch bark covers with ribbon binding. This home-made "book" concerns childhood adventures in the wilds of rural Rhode Island in the 19th century. Includes an incident in which a thunderstorm drove two fishermen to seek shelter in the camp. One of the men was rumored to be a bachelor and a millionaire.

1894 Aug
Box 9, Folder 111 Rhode Island Postcards Collection
Contents Note: This is a collection of Rhode Island post cards in a brown cloth album. The post cards are annotated and dated from 1905 to 1947. There are 18 loose postcards in the back of the album.

Box 9, Folder 112 Helme, Esther B.- Manuscript Ciphering Book, Kingston, R.I.
Box 10, Folder 113 Curtis, Christopher- Ledger, Wakefield, R.I.
Box 10, Folder 114 Expense Ledger
Contents Note: Inside the ledger is written, "Property of Penobscot Farm." The ledger contains clearly written records of cash paid in and out for household labor, goods, and services. Several of the pages have the heading "Lawrence House Expenses."

Box 10, Folder 115 Drowne, Solomon (1753-1834)- Solomon Drowne, Jr.'s Valedictory Oration on Education, Providence, R.I. Summer
Contents Note: The oration is composed as a manuscript pamphlet. A typed copy of the text is also present in the folder.

Solomon Drowne was born in Providence in 1753. His father, Solomon Drowne, was a prosperous merchant and gave his son a good education. Young Solomon graduates from Rhode Island College (now Brown University) in 1773. He then studies medicine with Dr. Bowern, and at the University of Pennsylvania and Dartmouth College. He served as a surgeon during the Revolution. After the war he returned to Providence and then went to Europe to study. In 1778 Dr. Drowne returned to American and took an active part in the settlement of Marietta, Ohio. After more travels Drowne settled in Foster, R.I. where he carried out the rest of his life devoted to scientific and literary work.

Box 10, Folder 116 Clemens, Samuel (Twain, Mark)- Facsimile of Mississippi River Boat Pilot License
1859, undated
Box 10, Folder 117 Recounts of the building of the North Greenwich Church and Society. North Greenwich, R.I.
1877 Dec 25
Box 10, Folder 118 King, Edward , Letters of
Box 10, Folder 119 Winchester, Silas A.- Letter to brother, George, detailing establishment of the 6th R.I. Regiment
Contents Note: In this letter Winchester mentions that Governor Sprague has issued an order that the 6th R.I. Regiment be composed entirely of African Americans. He also describes a meeting of potential black soldiers in which several of the men object to marching south. Winchester also states that some black men were fleeing to avoid the draft and states that President Lincoln has ordered their arrest. Winchester also describes the climate and the state of his family.

1862 Aug 7
Box 10, Folder 120 Tyler, Geo[rge] W.- Letter to Mary concerning the Dorr Rebellion
Contents Note: The folder contains the letter, a transcript of the letter, and an envelope.

1842 Jun 11
Box 10, Folder 121 Burlak, Ann- Speech to R.I. Labor History Group (audio cassette tape)
1976 Oct 30
Box 10, Folder 122 Voting Proxies
Contents Note: Several proxies are present in this folder. One sheet presents the 1836 Whig candidates, another presents the 1849 Whig candidates. Three undated copies advocate Samuel Ward King for Governor along with other men of his party. Also present is an 1879 Citizen’s Ticket presenting Thomas W. Segar of Westerly for Governor. There are seven copies of the 1887 Republican ticket which presents George Peabody Wetmore of Newport as the gubernatorial candidate. Several other small cards advocating local government candidates can be found in the folder.

Box 10, Folder 123 Correspondence and Papers of Robert Dale Owen- microfilm
1952 Jul
Box 10, Folder 124 Autograph Book- Inscribed on front cover "To Nellie, From Winnie"
Box 11, Folder 125 Portfolio of 3 Photographs of Chester Lewis (age 9 months)
Box 11, Folder 126 Earle, George- Passport, Membership Certificate. Providence, R.I.
Contents Note: Earle’s passport is encased in a small, leather folder that carries his name. Within the passport is a photograph of Earle. The document itself contains a description section with descriptions of Earle’s age, stature, forehead, eyes, nose, mouth, chin, hair, complexion and face. The passport is numbered 31,296. The certificate is also enclosed in a small leather case that contains Earle’s membership certificate for the Royal and Select Master’s of Rhode Island.

Box 11, Folder 127 Earle, Helen F.- Passport
Contents Note: Helen Earle’s passport is encased in a small, leather folder that carries her name. Within the passport are two photograph of Helen Earle. The document itself contains a description section with descriptions of Earle’s age, stature, forehead, eyes, nose, mouth, chin, hair, complexion and face. The passport is numbered 31,295.

Box 11, Folder 128 Knowles, Walter- Autograph Book
1877 Aug 08
Box 11, Folder 129 Champlin, Jennie- Autograph Book
Contents Note: The inscription on this red velvet autograph book reads: Jennie G. K. Champlin, Christmas, 1885. Within the book are two photographs and the signatures of many of Jennie Champlin’s family and friends most of whom hail from Providence and Wakefield, R.I.

Box 12, Folder 130 Reynolds, Bonnie Pencil, Sketch titled "About Unicorns"
circa 1972
Box 12, Folder 131 Photo Album
Contents Note: This large, leather bound photo album contains many photos. Most of the photos present the family aboard boats and in their travels. Included in the album is a passenger ticket for a B. D’Escayral on the steamer Siloney sailing for Havana on 3 November. Also included at the end of the album is an undated newspaper clipping with a photograph of the ship the Gertrude Thebaud sailing in Novo Scotia. Another clipping, dated 1937 Jun 13, shows a photograph of the Ranger, Harold Vanderbilt's new yacht that won a race off Block Island.

Box 12, Folder 132 Declaration of Independence Facsimile
2000 May
Box 13, Folder 133 Rhode Island Scenes Postcard Collection of Luke Clarke' 24
Contents Note: Most of the postcards in this collection are addressed to Mrs. Fred Clark (Nellie) who lived in North Attleboro, M.A. and Peacedale, R.I. The photographs are organized by the cities and towns they picture. Well represented in the collection are Narragansett, R.I., and Providence, R.I., but many smaller towns are also pictured.

circa 1906-1908
Box 14, Folder 134 Construction Site Photo Album, unknown location
Contents Note: The photographs show the construction of a large building. The construction crew is made up of white and black men. There are three loose photos in the back of the album.

1924 Oct-1924 Dec
Box 14, Folder 135 Davidson, David, Hand colored photograph entitled "Three Friends" New Hampshire, signed by artist on mounting board
Box 14, Folder 136 Whig convention proxy ballot for representatives to the 27th Congress
Contents Note: This 1841 Whig Convention proxy ballot presents Robert B. Cranston of Newport and Joseph L. Tillinghast of Providence as candidates for Congress.

Box 14, Folder 137 French, William to Joseph L. Tillinghast A.L.S. Re: petition
Contents Note: Folder contains the original A.L.S. and a transcript of the letter. The letter mentions slavery and government regulation thereof.

1840 Feb 17
Box 14, Folder 138 "Tails of a Sea Dog by 'Happy'," unfinished holograph, story of the search, subsequent purchase, and sail of a New England yacht
Box 14, Folder 139 Scrapbook- news clippings, notes on gardening
Box 14, Folder 140 Kenyon, Daniel, holograph, surveying lesson book
Daniel Kenyon lived from 1810 to 1859. He was married to Mary Kenyon.

Box 14, Folder 141 Kenyon, John L., surveyor's handbill advertising services
Contents Note: The advertisement states that Kenyon is "prepared to make surveys of estates, partitions of land among different claimants, survey of and establish old lines between towns or parties, beveling for mill sites, drainage of Lands or Canals and do such other work as belongs to the Surveyor or Civil Engineer." The document was produced in Richmond, R.I.

1867 May 25
Box 14, Folder 142 Kenyon, John, A.L.S. recto: "Perilous Days"; verso: fragment of poetry recto
1935 Feb 15
Box 14, Folder 143 Korea, Repatriated Prisoners Report
Contents Note: This folder contains a reel recording of a public meeting held sometime in the late 1950s or early 1960s by a military scientist to an identified audience. The sound quality of the reel is generally good, though there are some instances that are difficult to hear. The reel has been re-recorded on two sides of a ninety minute cassette tape that is also included in the folder. The talk centers on the treatment of American prisoners of war during the Korean conflict. It reveals much about the brainwashing treatment employed. The original tape was secured from an army officer stationed at Ft. Riley, Kansas.

Box 15, Folder 144 School children's reward certificates, Angeline Whiteford (ca 1845) and Johnnie Potter
circa 1845, 1900?-1925?
Box 15, Folder 145 Brig Nancy - Samuel Bishop (Master), Voyage to St. Croix from Providence
Box 15, Folder 146 Kingston Anti-slavery Society, Copybook: Constitution, Minutes, List of Subscribers
Contents Note: Present in the folder is the George Fayerweather Account Book and the Minutes of the Kingston Anti-Slavery Society. One microfilm reel copy of each document is also present along with photocopies. These items relate to the Fayerweather Collection, Manuscript Group 121, of the URI Special Collections and Archives.

1837 Jul-1837 Aug
Box 15, Folder 147 Thomas A. Hazard, 4 Medical Ledgers, Kingston, R.I.- Oversize
Contents Note: This item is located in Oversize Box 25.

1839 Sep 18-1882 Apr 5
Box 15, Folder 148 Biographical Sketches of Distinguished Citizens of South Kingstown, Copied From the Manuscript of Mr. J. H. Wells
Contents Note: This item describes the lives for Thomas Mawney Potter, Elisha Reynolds Potter, Judge Elisha R. Potter, and Wilkins Updike. A preservation copy of this manuscript is available (Biographical Sketches ) through the HELIN catalog and is located in the URI Special Collections and Archives as part of the Rhode Island Book Collection.

Box 15, Folder 149 Martin, Edward; J. Martin: Two Letters to Sister, Mary Martin of Warren, RI
1828 Feb 12, 1828 Apr 10
Box 15, Folder 150 Coventry Manufacturing Co.: Sales Account Sheet with George W. Jackson
Box 15, Folder 151 McLean, William F.: Mission Log from the "Milk Run" to Freedom (W.W. II diary as 2nd. Lt., U.S. Army Air Corps, B24j Bombardier in the 829th Bomb Squadron, 485th Bomb Group, 15th Air Force.)
Box 15, Folder 152 Mathematical & Measure Ciphering Book; South County, RI
circa 1800
Box 15, Folder 153 Cranston Street Armory, Architectural Renderings for Proposed Archives and Records Center- Map Case
Box 16, Folder 154 Brewer/Sayles Family Images
Contents Note: Contained in this folder are three small, framed, daguerreotype portraits, and a daguerreotype album of family portraits.

Box 16, Folder 155 Cox Collection of R.I. Postcards
Contents Note: This is a small collection of 8 postcards showing different Rhode Island locales including Block Island, Newport, and Central Falls.

Box 16, Folder 156 R/V Endeavor (crew patches, notecards, postcards)
Box 16, Folder 157 "The Sailor" autograph manuscript by Lydia Sigourney
1864 Oct 14
Box 17, Folder 158 Marian O'Donnell Photographs
Contents Note: This folder contains a photograph portrait of Marian O’Donnell and a photograph of her on her wedding day. Also within the folder are copies of three newspaper articles that describe O’Donnell’s life.

Marian O'Donnell (born Marian Munroe Gray) was born in 1905 and died in 1976. She attended the Chapin School and Bryn Mawr College. She lived in Newport for the latter half of her life as owner of the Cave Cliff mansion. She was the stepmother of Nuala Pell.

Box 17, Folder 159 Photo Album- Rhode Island and New England Scenes
Contents Note: The album contains 42 photographs showing farm scenes, a cranberry bog, family member and pets, horse and carriages, lake and forest views, and a photo of the Peacedale Pump House. Many of the photos are dated from July through October 1891.