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Granite Industry collection


The Westerly Granite Collection consists of three series: the records of George Ledward & Co., the order records of New England Granite Works, and the books of the Quarry Workers' International Union, Westerly branch.

  • Series 1. George Ledward & Co. contains seven books of company records, all covering approximately the same time frame. Therefore, they are arranged alphabetically by the title on the spine of the book. Each is housed in a separate box.
  • Series 2. New England Granite Works is made up of 13 volumes of order books, arranged chronologically. Each one is contained in a separate box.
  • Series 3. Quarry Workers’ International Union collection consists of two types of record books: a day book for use by financial officers of union branches and shop stewards, and financial secretary’s records. The day books have monthly entries regarding union dues, and cover the years from 1914-1930. The financial secretary’s records are of two types. One set of three books includes minutes of union meetings and accounting of the local union’s finances. They cover the years 1920-1955. The second type has records on union members—their names, when they joined, and a record of dues payments, and covers the years 1908-1925.