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Granite Industry collection

Scope & content

The ledgers portion of the collection consists of the record books of two of Westerly's granite companies. The George Ledward & Company collection is comprised of seven books, each named on the binding according to its purpose: Cash, Journal, Ledger, Letters, Orders, Piece Work, and Time Book. The Orders book contains sketches of the pieces the company was commissioned to design. These books provide records for the years 1870-1876, with 1874 being the predominant year for which records exist. The New England Granite Works collection is made up of 13 large leather bound books labeled Orders. These books span the years from 1873-1924 and each entry contains the location where the monument would be displayed and a sketch of the work.

The third part of the granite industry collection includes the records for the Quarry Workers' International Union. There are both day books used by financial officers and shop stewards of union branches, and record books used by the union's financial secretary. The day books contain monthly entries of dues payment by union members. They cover the years from 1914-1930. The financial secretary's records are of two types. One set of three books includes union meeting minutes and accounts of the local union's finances, covering 1920-1955. The second type includes union member records, listing individual names, membership dates, and a record of dues payments, for the period 1908-1925.